AI-Imaginings: 1) Trying to Model Utopias

My the other posts might represent my first or strongest creative impulses in response to using AI image generation. But this first post focuses on requests for new images we might use to visualize different ways of living, and improved worlds we might wish to cultivate.

Important literature and mainstream blockbusters provide countless visions of various dystopias. But there are not nearly enough examples of utopian visions, and we are what [media] we eat. So it seems useful to take advantage of these tools to ‘create’ a few odd images to add to our collection. Continue reading AI-Imaginings: 1) Trying to Model Utopias

Curious John and Wiki World Order discuss the Future – July 25, 2012

John Reynolds and Morgan Lesko record our first discussion really getting to know each others’ perspectives. This was a casual late night chat on July 25, 2012, but perhaps you’ll find value in this too. Download Audio:

Zoom Into Equilateral Hearts – Make Love (WWO Animation)

Inspired by sacred geometry…and LOVE Download High Quality Video: Core Image Files: Free for reuse and remix!

Amadon DellErba on – Occupy National Gathering Day 3

Philadelphia, July 2, 2012, Day 3. One of our occu-brothers, Amadon DellErba, gives a speech on Many things discussed about community living resonated greatly with me from my last five months living on an occupied organic farm in Sacramento, Continue reading Amadon DellErba on – Occupy National Gathering Day 3