AI-Imaginings: 1) Trying to Model Utopias

Important literature and mainstream blockbusters provide countless visions of various dystopias. But there are not nearly enough examples of utopian visions, and we are what [media] we eat. So it seems useful to take advantage of these tools to ‘create’ a few odd images to add to our collection.

I don’t claim to have any serious utopia answers, nor every detail ‘right’, but these represent some approximate ideas to play with and contribute to the creative conversation… Continue reading AI-Imaginings: 1) Trying to Model Utopias

Curious John and Wiki World Order discuss the Future – July 25, 2012

John Reynolds and Morgan Lesko record our first discussion really getting to know each others’ perspectives. This was a casual late night chat on July 25, 2012, but perhaps you’ll find value in this too. Download Audio:

Zoom Into Equilateral Hearts – Make Love (WWO Animation)

Inspired by sacred geometry…and LOVE Download High Quality Video: Core Image Files: Free for reuse and remix!

Amadon DellErba on – Occupy National Gathering Day 3

Philadelphia, July 2, 2012, Day 3. One of our occu-brothers, Amadon DellErba, gives a speech on Many things discussed about community living resonated greatly with me from my last five months living on an occupied organic farm in Sacramento, Continue reading Amadon DellErba on – Occupy National Gathering Day 3