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About Wiki World Order is a open source and collaborative media project, documenting the outgrowing of the Corporate-Industrial Complex (what global elites publicly dubbed the New World Order). The goal is to view and process controversial information, to help move conversations forward and share with new audiences. Striving to focus on solutions, amidst the need to study the problems in order to address them.

The Wiki World Order report, initially named InfoWar and Peace in 2009, acts as an outlet for any research, writings, and artwork I have to complement my learning process. The start of making my process systematic, was by building my own information war research database, and discussing these issues with loved ones and loved strangers alike: http://AltBib.Com

Early episodes of the Wiki World Order report were released as videos on YouTube, and available for free high-quality download on this site. Each episode also had an audio-only version on this site. Each episode is also provided here with a full written transcript including links to documentation throughout.

Each episode is also setup in a Research-Along Theater on AltBib.Com. There, you can watch the episode’s video on the left side of the screen, and all the links to documentation are organized by timestamps corresponding to the video are displayed on the right side of the screen for your review and further analysis.

During the Occupy Wall Street movement in October 2011, the Wiki World Order YouTube channel uploaded dozens of hours of event footage from my participation in, and documentation of, Occupy Sacramento, Occupy UC Davis, the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, and other tangential adventures.

Following my experiences helping to occupy an old Sacramento farm, I desired to attempt making some art that was a bit less political and a bit more pure. And in mid-2014 I realized I wish to begin making games for the web and smartphones which help accomplish my goals to help the world think more critically. The first game (web-based beta only so far) can be found at

Since 2015, I have also been building Open Police, an open-source web app empowering citizens to prepare, file, and track reports of police conduct. Scheduled to launch in mid 2018, the site helps users submit complaints or commendations to appropriate police oversight agencies. By allowing users to publish reports online, we aim to establish better public transparency and oversight of police activity across the United States.

If politicians were viable and Wiki World Order was one, the following might be a summary of the platform. But as contradictions are removed from logic, as new technologies emerge, as human networks swarm, all is up for review, debate, and revision. Expect core principles of transparency and open source solutions to stay strong. Also note that not all of Wiki World Order’s collaborators specifically endorse this vision, but perhaps we could collaborate on one in the future. Contact me to offer improvements to language, links, etc, to make this as useful a tool as possible. Thank yoU!

Open Source Critical Thinking

The operating system for our brains needs an upgrade so we can really use them. Many of us are re-installing the oldest virus scanner: critical thinking. Autodidactism, self-directed education with the trivium method of learning is empowering us all whether people know it yet or not.

Open Source Communication

There are models of human interaction like “non-violent communication” which are empowering us to effectively discover and demand solutions that meets ALL of our shared needs. This is one method to dramatically improve how we speak to ourselves, families, lovers, friends, strangers, enemies, and just may be helping to save the world.

Open Source Intelligence

Made up of overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or classified sources) more non-contradictory clarity is being found on more topics through free and collaborative hubs of information and research.

Open Source Activism

Affinity group and consensus models seem to have been used by more ‘fringe’ radicals and anarchists for decades. But the Occupy Movement has confirmed that the paradigm of inclusive, collaborative, and transparent models for activism is finally here. Our collectively learning curve will never be complete, so don’t wait for that to get involved. These types of action might be a physical reality spillover of the information revolution which has been happening on the internet.

Open Source Software

This is computer software that is available in source code form and permits users to study, change, and improve. From the Linux operating system to WikiMedia software, all of our algorithms are belong to us.

Open Source Hardware

This consists of physical artifacts of technology designed and offered in the same manner as free and open source software. 3D-printing is already here with free, creative commons schematics for you to print most of your own customized DIY toys…or tractors.

Open Source Ecology

We the people are growing ever more of our own organic and non-GMO foods, and hopefully transitioning from monocultures to permacultures. The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS), for example, is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.


There are ways to accomplish our goals, and then there are ways to accomplish our goals without doing any harm. The latter generally requires many more people, but this is the appropriate path. Einstein said, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We will not be able to end any cycles of violence by using violence, at all.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Mahatma Gandhi
Henry David Thoreau

Non-Aggression Principle

The non-aggression principle (or NAP, also called the non-aggression axiom, the anti-coercion, zero aggression principle or non-initiation of force) is an ethical stance which asserts that “aggression” is inherently illegitimate. “Aggression”, for the purposes of NAP, is defined as initiating or threatening the use of any and all forcible interference with an individual or individual’s property. In contrast to pacifism, the non-aggression principle does not preclude violent self-defense. The NAP is considered to be a defining principle of libertarianism.


About the Creator: Morgan Lesko

I have been a public health activist since age nine, but earned my degree (BS) in Computer Science, with concentrations in Mathematics and Business Entrepreneurship, from the University of Maryland (UMD).

My first ten activism years focused on anti-big-tobacco. This continued in my professional work from 2006 through 2013 building web-based activism/volunteering management software for non-profit social branding campaigns with Rescue Social Change Group.

From 2002 through 2010, my personal activism had focused more on drug policy reform, founding the awesome UMD chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) in 2002. From 2006-2010, I also worked as the volunteer webmaster for the national organization.

In the summer of 2009 I came out of the “conspiratorial closet”. I stopped self-censoring and got involved with We Are Change Maryland, and was later an active member of the San Francisco/East Bay chapters while living there…and while starting AltBib.Com, which evolved into Wiki World Order and the adventures to follow.

Reviews of Wiki World Order

“Great video man! You seem very down to earth and I look forward to more of your videos, great advice as well as inspirational. See you soon.”
ohsk8an on YouTube

“Morgan, You’ve done a great job with your presentation and delivery. I loved your style and will be pointing people towards your work. It’s great to see the documentation too. Definitely sending this to my kids too! Thanks, thanks, thanks for being part of the solution <3”
Debra on the Tragedy & Hope Community

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