A Few Weird Memes For 2020

I haven’t had nearly enough time this year to gathering, polish, and publish more of my explorations and thoughts on 2020. But these are other expressions of a few of my post-partisan thought~crimes. ;-p <3 Everything here free for reuse and remix under Creative Commons.

When Politicians Practice Medicine…

(Added 3/19/21)

Hammer Time, The COVID Reset (animation)

Mostly made in May, completed Dec 6, 2020 <3
Song: https://archive.org/details/UkeleleParade

[Technocratic] Global Control Clock (GIF)

For more historical context on this dark joke, my favorite book related to it is National Security and Double Government by Michael J Glennon.

CDC Guidance from 2007 (image)


Dec 29 Update: This graphic is discussed more in a recent post.

Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza – World Health Organization, 2019


Added Jan 4, 2021

“Available evidence:
The evidence base for this guideline included systematic reviews of 18 NPIs, covering:
• personal protective measures (e.g. hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and face masks);
• environmental measures (e.g. surface and object cleaning, and other environmental measures);
• social distancing measures (e.g. contact tracing, isolation of sick individuals, quarantine of exposed individuals, school measures and closures, workplace measures and closures, and avoiding crowding); and
• travel-related measures (e.g. travel advice, entry and exit screening, internal travel restrictions and border closure).
The evidence base on the effectiveness of NPIs in community settings is limited, and the overall quality of evidence was very low for most interventions. There have been a number of high-quality randomized controlled trials (RCTs) demonstrating that personal protective measures such as hand hygiene and face masks have, at best, a small effect on influenza transmission, although higher compliance in a severe pandemic might improve effectiveness. However, there are few RCTs for other NPIs, and much of the evidence base is from observational studies and computer simulations. School closures can reduce influenza transmission but would need to be carefully timed in order to achieve mitigation objectives. Travel-related measures are unlikely to be successful in most locations because current screening tools such as thermal scanners cannot identify pre-symptomatic infections and afebrile infections, and travel restrictions and travel bans are likely to have prohibitive economic consequences.

Target audience
This guideline is intended to support the development and updating of national plans for mitigating influenza epidemics and pandemics in community settings. The recommendations included in this guideline will also be of interest to individuals, organizations, institutions and local health authorities.”

The Spectrum of High Tech Sciences

High Tech, More Mature Sciences: That we fucking love, and frequently trust with life-and-death situations.

Engineers control almost all variables in systems they can simulate with comically high accuracy and reliability.

High Tech, Younger Sciences: That require more salt. Only for use in verifiable emergencies. Should not use to suspend basic rights.

Graph comparing excess mortality in Maryland with Imperial College projection:

Scientism Groupthink < Scientific Method

Give me data, or don’t call it science!

Extraordinary claims [to restrict basic freedoms] always require extraordinary evidence.

Added December 17

Isn’t It Ironic? (GIF)

Big Body Counts? Impeach War Criminals. (animation)

Experts Warn President May Stage Coup Fearing Prosecution of War Crimes — Just Kidding (animation)


Added Jan 4

Stay Home, Save Lives: Bring Our Troops Home (image)

Because preventable deaths in large numbers matter again! (made in mid-May)

Doublespeak Gum (image)

Steadily chewing through reality bubbles near you.


from July — https://gph.is/g/4bxr919

Strong Coups (image)

End Phoenix Programs (image)

Terrorists break common laws while using violence as a weapon of intimidation or coercion, especially for political goals.

In America, some suspects are taken to places like Guantanamo Bay, where the military-intelligence-industrial-complex breaks U.S. and international laws (creating more terrorists).

Two or more wrongs don’t make a right.
Never expand this. End this now.

[end all such Phoenix Programs]

Added 1/15/21

We’re All In It Together (GIF)


Support Independent Media (GIF)

from July — https://gph.is/g/ZWqGYv7

Corporate Governance Cartels (animation)


Corporate cartels took dominant control over the United States government long before my parents were born.

Why would the global governance being built [by those cartels] have better results for individuals or the whole earth?

(I’m always open to looking at more evidence.)

Added Jan 5

Consent to Bill’s Prick? (GIF)


Vaccinating Ethics (animation)





From this summer

World Economic Forum: Remembering The Great Reset Forward

Added December 18

Have you got a 27b/6? (GIF)


Klaus Schwab Says COVID Is Not An Existential Threat — Thank Goodness for ‘The Great Reset’

Dec 29 Update: This was turned into a full post:


I heard that the Arugaloo Boys are preppin’ with victory gardens

Added Jan 22 ;-P

More on COVID…

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