Please Help Support WWO

Please consider donating to support independent media outlets which you value. I would love to focus on this project full-time. Except for when I don’t get away with reusing or remixing algorithmically protected ‘intellectual property’, my media does not contain advertising. Anyone is free to reuse and remix any of my multimedia. Creative Commons 2017.

This is also an appropriate spot to support Wiki World Order projects

  • which is a new open source intelligence data hub,
  • DontFallacy.Me with over 150,000 logical fallacies correctly popped, and
  • AltBib.Com which since the summer of 2009 has recently passed its 10 millionth database load.

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As another way to support, I am starting to sell physical versions of my free digital creative commons art. Currently just through Zazzle, but hopefully in the future printed more locally.