WWUD? Golden Rulectangle Graphic Series

WWUD? Dont Forget Cause & Effect

What Would yoU Do? This is just a little graphic series I felt compelled to create recently. A Golden Rule through its rectangle, related fibonacci spiral, and other symbolic favorites mashed here. Then combined with different expressions related to the Continue reading WWUD? Golden Rulectangle Graphic Series

The Shape: Happy Travels – Music Video by WWO

Journey of some basic and universally sacred geometries through recursive animations, plus a bit. Triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, merkabas, peace & love fractalized vesica piscis, all animated rescursively. Made for my good friends The Shape – Happy Travels. http://TheShapeIsReal.com   Continue reading The Shape: Happy Travels – Music Video by WWO

Zoom Into Equilateral Hearts – Make Love (WWO Animation)

Inspired by sacred geometry…and LOVE Download High Quality Video: http://worldorder.wiki/video/shorts/ZoomIntoEquilateralHearts1.divx Core Image Files: http://worldorder.wiki/images/EquilateralHearts-trans.png http://worldorder.wiki/images/EquilateralHearts-fade.png http://worldorder.wiki/images/EquilateralHearts-fade-trans.png Free for reuse and remix!