AI-Imaginings: 1) Trying to Model Utopias

Important literature and mainstream blockbusters provide countless visions of various dystopias. But there are not nearly enough examples of utopian visions, and we are what [media] we eat. So it seems useful to take advantage of these tools to ‘create’ a few odd images to add to our collection.

I don’t claim to have any serious utopia answers, nor every detail ‘right’, but these represent some approximate ideas to play with and contribute to the creative conversation… Continue reading AI-Imaginings: 1) Trying to Model Utopias

AI-Imaginings: 4) Rockhopper Penguins

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a particular affinity to penguins. And the rockhopper penguin is maybe my favorite, with their flashy eyebrows. Here was one of my attempts to make some animated art for my professional work as Rockhopper Software Designs: [image]. And this is a collection of silly AI-generations features rockhoppper penguins. Continue reading AI-Imaginings: 4) Rockhopper Penguins

AI-Imaginings: 5) Other Art & Humor

This last batch of AI-generated images are from other random experiments, which are often humorous. While I don’t anticipate [actively] integrating much AI in my life, image generation is attractive to me. I couldn’t resist a two-week trial of DALL-E, and using those days to run creative experiments. My experiments are split into five separate blog posts… Continue reading AI-Imaginings: 5) Other Art & Humor