AI-Imaginings: 2) Abstract Concepts

While I don’t anticipate [actively] integrating much AI in my life, image generation is attractive to me. I couldn’t resist a two-week trial of DALL-E, and using those days to run creative experiments. My experiments are split into five separate blog posts:

1) Trying to Model Utopias, 2) Abstract Concepts, 3) Fantastical Parties, 4) Rockhopper Penguins, 5) Other Art & Humor

Frequently, I desire visualizing abstract concepts, but it is almost always an impossible task. So I very much enjoyed seeing what the AI mashes together when I prompt it for images of totally abstract concepts, and shout outs to my favorite independent media creators.

Abstract Conceptual Experiments
by Wiki World Order

Prompt: “Image representing the process of collaboratively outgrowing the corporate-industrial complex.”

Prompt: “An image that symbolically represents a world order based on the open source information and collaborative principles embodied by Wikipedia in its early years.”

Prompt: “An image that represents a Wikipedia World Order with open source principles and nonhierarchical collaborative construction of new realities.”

Inspired by The Corbett Report

Prompt: “Color photo of a gold dinosaur statue, being passed from a younger man to an older man, on a big stage for an annual journalism awards show. The younger man is this event’s master of ceremonies. The younger man is a bald 30 years old intellectual, wearing glasses, with short facial hair. The older man wears top hat and a monocle over one eye. The younger man’s arms are extended, handing over the gold dinosaur statue to the older man. The dinosaur’s head pointed at the older man. The photo’s background includes a fancy audience and a big banner in the background reads, “The Dinos” and “Fake News Awards”.” (w/ variation)

Prompt: “Open source intelligence”

Prompt: “Image representing the idea that ‘big data’ is the new ‘big oil’.”

(Plus one prompt in the Utopia post.)

Inspired by Media Monarchy

Prompt: “Media Monarchy”

Response: “Media Monarchy” is a term that can be interpreted in a few ways, but it typically refers to the idea of media entities or conglomerates having significant control or influence over public opinion, akin to a monarchy’s control over its subjects. This concept can highlight concerns about media bias, the concentration of media ownership, and the impact of corporate or political interests on news reporting and content dissemination.

In a broader sense, “Media Monarchy” might also refer to the dominant role of media in modern society, where media channels and platforms have substantial power in shaping cultural norms, political discourse, and social narratives.

If you’d like a visual representation of this concept, I can create an abstract image that captures the essence of “Media Monarchy.” Let me know if you would like to proceed with this idea. …[Proceed]

“Here are the abstract and thought-provoking images representing the concept of ‘Media Monarchy.’ The artwork depicts symbolic elements that illustrate the significant control and influence of media entities over public opinion. The composition includes a large, dominating figure or structure representing the media, with elements like broadcasting antennas, newspaper prints, and digital screens. The use of colors and the overall design convey themes of media bias, concentration of media ownership, and the impact of media on cultural and political discourse. You can view the images above. If you have any more creative ideas or need further adjustments, please feel free to let me know!”

Prompt: “Media Monarchy pirate radio broadcasting”

Prompt: “Don’t hate the media… Become the media!”

Inspired by The Last American Vagabond

Prompt: “Photo of The Last American Vagabond optimistically walking towards the sunrise.”

Prompt: “The Last American Vagabond’s pirate video stream broadcast.”

Prompt: “Question everything.”

Inspired by Peace Revolution & Grand Theft World

Prompt: “Image representing the Peace Revolution.”

(Are those the Twin Towers?-)

Prompt: “Photo of the Peace Revolution in action.”

Prompt: “Grand Theft World”

Prompt: “Photo of big TV screen playing a realistic first-person video game called “Grand Theft World”. The game’s protagonist is a high-level member of the global power elite named ‘Mr. Davos’. He is a frequent presenter at a world economic forum. He creates complicated schemes of public-private partnerships to steal wealth, resources, and technologies from the world’s nations while force their citizens into debt and rent all their possessions.” (with variations)

Inspired by Whitney Webb

Prompt: “Image representing a ‘limited hangout’ which is intelligence jargon for a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a scandal, criminal act, sensitive or classified information, etc. is revealed or leaked, without telling the whole story.”

Prompt: “One nation under blackmail”

Prompt: “Image representing the established banking cabal co-opting bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution, capturing it into their empire.”

Other Vague Concepts

Prompt: Image representing the theory of “double government” as it relates to national security. National security policy is not really forged by “Madisonian institutions”: the President, Congress, and the courts. The real power is held by the concealed “Trumanite network”: the several hundred managers of the military, intelligence, diplomatic, and law enforcement agencies who are responsible for protecting the nation and who have come to operate largely immune from constitutional and electoral restraints.

Prompt: “Photo of a false flag cyber attack on critical infrastructure.”

Prompt: “Diagram describing the roles required for a compartmentalized conspiracy for a false flag attack and its cover-up.”

Prompt: “Educational poster describing how the power elite enslaved the world.”

Prompt: “3D representation of current global power structures and hierarchies.”

Prompt: “Photo of the information wars.”

Prompt: “The end of media censorship by the American government.”

Prompt: “Cosmic freedom of speech”

1) Trying to Model Utopias
2) Abstract Concepts
3) Fantastical Parties
4) Rockhopper Penguins
5) Other Art & Humor