AI-Imaginings: 3) Fantastical Parties

While I don’t anticipate [actively] integrating much AI in my life, image generation is attractive to me. I couldn’t resist a two-week trial of DALL-E, and using those days to run creative experiments. My experiments are split into five separate blog posts:

1) Trying to Model Utopias, 2) Abstract Concepts, 3) Fantastical Parties, 4) Rockhopper Penguins, 5) Other Art & Humor

Most of these AI images were created with prompt like:
“Photo of a [wild] cosmic [psychedelic] [disco | underground rave] party for ________”




Green Bees

Flamboyant Frogs

Unfortunately, DALL-E doesn’t let you drop in celebrities, like Alex Jones. But you can in post-production with GIMP! The frogs also got some block parties.



Bizarro Question Mark People

While I surely prompted plenty of silly weirdness with this thread, I’m not sure why it went so hard with the bodysuits that also cover the faces. The AI must have been tripping pretty hard by this point. Some of these creep me out, but also crack me up.

Anthropomorphized Question Marks

1) Trying to Model Utopias
2) Abstract Concepts
3) Fantastical Parties
4) Rockhopper Penguins
5) Other Art & Humor