AI-Imaginings: 5) Other Art & Humor

While I don’t anticipate [actively] integrating much AI in my life, image generation is attractive to me. I couldn’t resist a two-week trial of DALL-E, and using those days to run creative experiments. My experiments are split into five separate blog posts:

1) Trying to Model Utopias, 2) Abstract Concepts, 3) Fantastical Parties, 4) Rockhopper Penguins, 5) Other Art & Humor

This last batch of AI-generated images are from other random experiments, which are often humorous.

Prompt: “Photo of a blockbuster video game where the main character runs around an information-scape, avoiding risky rabbit holes, but also finding valuable rabbit holes and mountains of information.”

Prompt: “Educational poster explaining how to change a tire.”

1) Trying to Model Utopias
2) Abstract Concepts
3) Fantastical Parties
4) Rockhopper Penguins
5) Other Art & Humor