Full Disclosure: I am biased because I…



Full Disclosure: I am biased because I…

Love the scientific method,
especially when used for controlled, transparent, reproducible experiments. But I might only trust my life with the meta-analysis of empirical evidence.

Do not consent to authoritarian governments,
including demands to obey extraordinary mandates on inadequate evidence, without informed consent, while discouraging or censoring reasonable questions citing official data.

Do not consent to totalitarian governments,
like thoroughly dictating how most businesses can function, or when I can leave my home without risking jail, or what must or must not go inside my own body.

Do not consent to fascist governments,
like those with concentrated public-private partnerships between big pharma, vaccine makers without any direct liability for harms, their interest groups, and some significantly captured federal and global institutions, supporting militarized public health operations.

So I am sorry that my biases deeply influence my lenses — that may offend people — because I love learning from others who want to keep learning too.

<3, worldorder.wiki

By supporting some of popular policies, one supports violating my autonomy without my consent.

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