A CONCEPT: Wikication, a Wiki-Based Education Curriculum

So i had an idea this week which i’m throwing out there:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikication, but they promptly notified that it would be deleted for not being a real thing so…





Here is a copy of how it’s been started…

Goals – Foster curiosity and ability to research and think critically, by allowing students wider flexibility in study topics. Develop a more balanced history of the world based on less biased minds, if enough schools in the world incorporated this simple idea into their curriculum. Empowers students by publishing their work to the world to submit it.

University/High School/Middle School Classes

Assignment Prerequisites: Basic knowledge on the process of researching (to level desired), both in the Card Catalog and the Google. The students are taught the basic syntax and method of properly documenting their writing, Wiki-style.

The concept is one assignment template which could be integrated once into a curriculum, of be used for most parts of a curriculum, as appropriate. Multiple assignments could focus on specific a range, or each assignment having its own range, as required.

Basic Assignment Template

  • A broad range of topics is defined for the assignment, hypothetical examples:
    • Any Biology subjects
    • Any topics/events related to Political Science from the 1990s
    • Any Physics topics related to centrifugal forces
    • Any biographies of European fiction writers
  • Select the appropriate Wiki on the Web
    • Wikipedia – wikipedia.org – more for older students
    • Simple English Wikipedia – http://simple.wikipedia.org – Intended for English as a Second Language, but maybe appropriate for younger students?
    • Wikidia – http://wikidia.wikispaces.com – Another Wiki for young people
  • Each student finds an article on the Wiki which is either
    • Empty, or nearly empty
    • Has some substance but could use more details and whole areas of discussion yet to be explored
    • Has thorough documentation, but lacks a key perspective and/or contains significant, prolonged inaccuracies
  • The teacher approves the topic or asks them to choose another, until it is appropriate
  • Each student does research to write or modify the Wiki page and publishes their final work, giving their teacher:
    • A link to the article on the Wiki
    • A separate copy of their contribution
  • After grading, the students would be expected to correct any [unintentional] misinformation they contributed to the Wiki