Homework Revisited – Even Better Media Tips

Over the last six months i have had deep, satisfying, and encouraging discussions with many of my friends and it seems that many ideas are just under the skin of many people. In this process, i have learned of more great options for media to help introduce these ideas to newcomers who have not already been hooked into researching random topics more deeply.

  1. The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (BBC 3 hours)
    Wasn’t previously available online for free, but it is now, a big thank you to my hero at TopDocumentaryFilms.com! This explains how US intelligence created what is now called Al Qaeda using Bin Laden as a front to fight Russia in Afghanistan. Filled with history like how “Al Qaeda” roughly translates to “the database” and it was just the name of the database they had of these potential terrorists/assets in this fight. Also mind-blowing realization that these warmonger neocons Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz have been pulling this crap off for 3 decades.
  2. David Ray Griffin: 9/11 The Myth and The Reality (99 min)
    Steps through an amazing analysis of nine core myths of 9/11. Much less sensational presentation, and more scholarly. All sources mentioned here are also cataloged in infowardocs.org.
  3. Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency of Barack H Obama (144 min)
    Alex Jones’ latest and best, he finally took himself out of it much more…key as he has a tendency to turn off many liberals on first impressions. This is a thorough and sobering overview about the real geo-political structures running our world. It is much less about Obama himself, but about those above him.
  4. The Pinky Show (on and off YouTube)
    Much more liberal-biased presentation, but similar depth into many issues of imperialism and conspiracy.
  5. Intelligence Squared Debates
    I’ve cataloged many right here: http://infowardocs.org/about.php#iq2
    But here are the official sites with more recent debates:
    Intelligence SquaredIntelligence Squared US
  6. Reflections And Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo (95 min)
    Major interview with an outspoken rebel friend of one of the Rockefellers, about the ways in he woke up to the large-scale injustices of the world.