The Lesko Bros Raw Video Archive

Lesko Bros 1st Testimony Against Cigarette Vending Machines

Morgan and Max Lesko testify in favor of Montgomery County Council bill #5-91, Tobacco Products and Vending Machines. Maryland, 1991.

The Lesko Brothers describe their independently inspired and executed sting operations to buy cigarettes from vending machines at ages nine and six. This bill was passed, then brought to court, and fought at the state level.



Lesko Bros News Clips From Annapolis

The Lesko Brothers video clips from work against cigarette vending machines in the Maryland state legislature in the early 1990s.



Morgan Lesko Praises Bill Clinton for FDA Tobacco Regulations

Video clips from Oval Office event announcing FDA tobacco regulations in the summer of 1996.



White House Event for FDA Tobacco Regulations

Students Oppose Smoking, a Montgomery County group, was invited with Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to a White House event related to FDA regulations.

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