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Tragedy and Hope:

(New Video Series for T&H Subscribers!) The Deep End 011: Big Banks Too Rich for Jail: HSBC Whistleblower John Cruz Pulls Bac…

(Audio) Rich with Meria Heller discussing a Decade of Freedom Art

(Audio) Peace Revolution episode 092: The National Security Coup / From Barry Seal to 9-11

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Recent productions published by independent media affiliates of T&H:

Choice Conversations Podcast hosted by Chris Stefanick:

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #99: Brexit with Jeffrey Tucker 

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Corbett Report hosted by James Corbett:

(Video & Audio) James Corbett & James Evan Pilato: Blue Helmet USA, Killer Cop Robot, Patriot Act Fail

(Article) The Corbett Report: The CIA’s ‘Pokémon Go’ App is Doing What the Patriot Act Can’t

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1191: Catarina Mota and Marcin Jakubowski Introduce the Open Building Ins…

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1190: Ellen Brown Asks if Monsanto Will Win The War On Weed

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1189: Spiro Skouras and James Corbett on CIA Geoengineering

(Article) The Corbett Report: 5 Reasons This Will Be The Summer of Rage…

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1188: James Corbett Explains What Everybody’s Missing About Brexit

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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock:

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Stewart Rhodes – Scott Horton – Larken Rose

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Dr. Phranq Tamburri = The Trump Report

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: James Corbett – Alma Sommer – Catherine Bleish

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Jim Rubens – Paul Puey

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Jay’s Analysis hosted by Jay Dyer:

(Video/Audio) Jay’s Analysis: Jay Dyer on Afternoon Commute: RobertCop Short Circuits in Dallas

(Video/Audio) Jay’s Analysis: HELTER SKELTER RACE WAR: Dialectical Psy Ops Dynamics of Dallas 

(Video/Audio) Jay’s Analysis: Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – Jay Dyer: Tragedy & Hope, Third Way &am… (Half)

(Video/Audio) Jay’s Analysis: Jay Dyer on Ghostbusters & High Weirdness

(Video/Audio) Jay’s Analysis: DALLAS SHOOTING SNIPERS: Gladio Terror, Drills & Suspicious Det…

(Article) Jay’s Analysis: The Esoteric Message of Hollywood: Katehon Think Tank w/Jay Dyer

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Media Monarchy hosted by James Evan Pilato:

(Audio) Media Monarchy: #PumpUpThaVolume: July 14, 2016

(Audio) Media Monarchy: #MorningMonarchy: July 14, 2016 

(Audio) Media Monarchy: #GoodNewsNextWeek – Pot Not Pills, Pee Power, DuPont Guilty

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Meria Heller Show hosted by Meria Heller:

(Audio) Meria Heller Show: Stars R Us

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Our Interesting Times Podcast hosted by Timothy Kelly:

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: Dean Arnold on the Strange Death of Vince Foster

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: John Adams on Culture Creation, Social Engineering and the American…

Red Ice Radio hosted by Henrik Palmgren:

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Matt Forney – Culture Clash in the Run Up to the US Election – Hour 1

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Adrian Davies – Brexit Aftermath – Hour 1

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School Sucks Podcast hosted by Brett Veinotte:

(Audio) School Sucks episode #440: Talking To Lefties About Why School Sucks (5 Considerations)

(Audio) School Sucks episode #439: Thaddeus Russell – Renegade University

(Audio) School Sucks episode #438: The Dawn of Freedom – “All-Star Pile-Up”

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