Kickstarting Syrian Refugees – Thought Experiment


The United Nations and Obama ask for voluntary donations to help Syrian refugees on Kickstarter.

Consider the ongoing wars which have fostered this situation, and how much they have cost.

Would coalitions have waged these wars if they also required crowd-funding?
Voluntary, direct dollar votes?


* This logic also applies to arming and training “moderates.”


Thought Experiment:
What if governments did not exist tomorrow?…

What programs, roads, pipelines, or watchdogs would you voluntarily crowd-fund with the money you earn?

Remember, you would no longer be paying taxes (under threat of prison) for layers upon layers of others to spend on your behalf.

Would you voluntarily help Kickstart a non-profit version of the Federal Aviation Administration? What about the Transportation Security Administration?

Remember, you (and the media) would no longer have politicians’ campaigns to follow, but would instead take more personal responsibility (and credit) for supporting specific worthy efforts.

Would you fund any wars? Any?



$1.7 million from over 27,000 backers: