Tragedy and Hope Media Mail / This Week’s Publications 2.7.2015

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Tragedy and Hope:

(Video) The Future of Freedom: An Interview with NSA Whistleblower William … (FINAL CUT, 2h35m, FOR DISTRIBUTION, also: YouTube Link for the same interview:

(Audio) Privacy and Surveillance: Richard Grove with Meria Heller (2015-01-28)

(Audio) Film, Literature, & the New World Order: Col. Edward Mandell Ho…

(Audio) Richard Grove on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock (2015-01-02)

(Audio) Peace Revolution episode 086: Common Sense for the 21st Century

(Audio) T&H: Peace Revolution episode 085: The Future of Freedom & the History of Western Civilization

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Recent productions published by independent media affiliates of T&H:

Corbett Report hosted by James Corbett:

(Video & Audio) James Corbett & James Evan Pilato – New World Next Week: Globalized Healthcare is Coming 

(Audio) The Corbett Report: The Well-Read Anarchist #006 – “What is Property?” by Pierre-Joseph…

(Audio) The Corbett Report interview #998: Roger Ver on Being Denied a US Visa 

(Article) The Corbett Report: The Death of King Abdullah and the Future of Oil Geopolitics

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report interview #996: Anthony Gucciardi Explains How to Change Your Life for Good  

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report episode #300: The Corbett Report Turns 300 

(Audio) The Corbett Report: FLNWO #23 – “Philip Dru: Administrator”

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report episode #299: 
Solutions: Guerrilla Gardening 

(Audio) The Corbett Report: Questions For Corbett #019. What Is the New World Order?

The Corbett Report: Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation

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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock:

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Ademo Freeman – Dan Krol – Brian Sovryn

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: David Bailey (YardSaleWatch.Com) – Paul Snow (Factom)

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Robert Lee (emigrated to Ecuador)

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Drew Phillips – Harris Kenny – Sheriff Richard Mack

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Ron Neil – James Babb – Bitcoin Summit   

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Free Domain Radio hosted by Stefan Molyneux:

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: What Pisses Me Off About Greece’s Debt Crisis 

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: There Are No Solutions 

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About Dalai Lama 

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: The Fall of Greece. Prepare Yourself Accordingly 

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Gnostic Media Podcast hosted by Jan Irvin:

(Video & Audio) Gnostic Media: Episode #223: Joe Atwill, pt. 12 – “I Am The Walrus! The Beatles and the Typology…

(Video & Audio) Gnostic Media: Episode #222: Joe Atwill and Dr. Jerry Russell interview, pt. 11: “Shakespeare’s …

(Video & Audio) Gnostic Media: Episode #221: Curtis Duncan, pt. 2 – “Homosexuality and the Chemical Manipulation…

(Article) Gnostic Media: How to Identify and Remove Facebook Trolls, Gang-Stalkers, and Disinfo Agents 

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Media Monarchy by James Evan Pilato:

(Audio) Media Monarchy: DeadlineLive: James Evan Pilato on Paris Hypocrisy

(Audio) Media Monarchy: Interview w/ SageFrancis

(Audio) Media Monarchy: Interview w/ Jason Bell on BridgeDay Fingerprinting 

(Audio) Media Monarchy: @PumpUpThaVolume: Episode144 – Entertainment 

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Meria Heller Show hosted by Meria Heller:

(Audio) Meria Heller Show: Meria with James McCanney 

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Red Ice Radio hosted by Henrik Palmgren:

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Octavian Grindean – Hour 1 – The Stolen History of Romania: Dacia-G…

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Richard Spencer – Hour 1 – Surviving The Global Monoculture 

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Eric Karlstrom – Hour 1 – New World Religion 

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Patrick Le Brun – Analysis of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre: False Fla…   

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School Sucks Podcast hosted by Brett Veinotte:

(Audio) School Sucks episode #333: Stop Procrastinating NOW! (or soon) – Part 4 – 11 Practical Steps T… 

(Audio) School Sucks episode #332: Stop Procrastinating NOW! (or soon) – Part 3 – The Six Types of Pro… 

(Audio) School Sucks episode #331: Stop Procrastinating NOW! (or soon) – Part 2 – Techniques For Less … 

(Audio) School Sucks episode #330: Stop Procrastinating NOW! (or soon) – Part 1 – The ABCs of Worrying 

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Posts of Note from within the T&H Community

(Video) “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”

(Video) The Global Debt Economy – Can we Remove Money

(Video) Barry Seal’s Setup: One Of The Beginings Of The Iran-Contra Scandal

(Video) Mark Passio’s Kick Ass Interview on Cancel The Cabal

(Video) Mark Passio on Psychopathy and Its Possible Origins – WOEIH #149 – …

(Video) Debate on State Surveillance: Greenwald/Ohanian vs Hayden/Dershowitz 


(Blog) The Round Table Group and the “Union of South Africa” 

(Blog) “The idea of a League of Nations” by H.G. Wells in collaboration wi…

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