Solar Bicycle Camper Trailer, Initial Plans

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While I want to spend many months of future years on an organic community farm, I also hope to travel more while still becoming more self-sustainable. I plan to build a trailer I can tow with a bicycle, can give me all the electricity I need, and that I can sleep in if I choose…aka portable living off the grid.

Below, I have listed out my documented plans of some general features, details on solar setup, and some illustrated mock-ups. ANY constructive feedback and advice on any aspect of these plans would be greatly appreciated (especially electrical/solar experience), as I of course haven’t built something quite like this before. Thank you so much!

Overall loaded trailer weight will likely be 300-400 pounds, and would like to occasionally tow a hop-on or two. So I will definitely need to connect brakes to the trailer tires. I will probably end up adding an optional electric motor to the front tire of the bicycle (likely recumbent) for visits to Colorado, and hopefully further around the Americas later if I master the lifestyle before growing crazy strong legs.

The solar power setup needs to be able to run a two laptops, and two mobile phones almost 24/7 if needed it. I’ll need a small collection of LED lights for any night biking, and likely daytime use of a hot plate. Would occasionally (~a night or two a week) like to watch movies or VJ sets with a projector and some reasonably powered sound. Might add a web cam or two for live stream documentation and ‘security’ while on the slow solo road.

With free workshop space and help from a friend, I hope to be able to build my whole neo-hippie travel home for less than three or four grand. It will need to be painted fun too.

Current Solar Power Plans

Below are the ~ideal components and price points I have found online that I think would both meet my power needs and actually function properly together. These components weigh about 115 lbs, and cost at least about $1,400. I am having trouble finding a local place to buy two solar panels…at all in the San Francisco area, so advice on this front would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

2x HELIOS 300W, 72 Cell, 24V MODULES, $328 each at Backwoods
2x 300W ~= 600W at ~24V with ~25amp
MorningStar C-TriStar 60 Amp Volt 12/24/48 PWM Charge Controller, $191 or $230 at Backwoods
2-4x “UPG” SLA AGM BATTERY, 12 volt, 100 amp, $156.50 each (more specs)
Two-four of these wired for 24V at 100-200amp
Power Bright ML900-24 900 Watt 24 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC Power Inverter, $86

Illustrated Mock-Ups