I Love You… (The Answer To 1984 Is 1776 / V For Victory)

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V for Victory - I Love You...

I Love You because you know we already live in 1984 with false wars against false enemies worldwide, a police state in place, and history written in offensive double-speak.

I Love You because you feel the spirit of 1776 and want a revolution…NOT with guns, but with information and love. A revolution of the mind and/or peacefully reclaiming government.


Some Day We Can And Will Unite To…

  • End Corporate Ownership of Government.
  • End Anglo-American Imperialism.
  • Print Our Own Currency.
  • Free Energy For All. (via classic renewables + hemp, cold fusion, water fuel cells, magnetic motors, Rodin coils)

Sure, a modern revolution has yet to come to America. Much of America is still hypnotized by their television’s flicker rate, but with the ubiquity of the internet people are starting to wake up to new layers of reality at an exponential rate. Putting our economic trends in the context of history brings forecasts of civil unrest due to economic and possibly food shortages (*food riots*).

Unless real reforms are made legislatively, such days seem likely to come. But if and when they do, let us take a lesson from the people of Egypt. No matter how their 2011 revolutionary process turns out in the long run, let us learn their brilliant example of peaceful resistance. Given the strength of our military-industrial complex, any future American revolution which involves violence will only bring despair.

Instead we will join hands with our brothers and sisters in our police departments and military to ensure there is no violence. Let our revolution look less like The Road and more like Burning Man, sustained by sharing, respect, equality, peace and love.

V for Victory - I Love You...

But until that day, there are infinite of ways that you, yes YOU, can be a revolutionary ever day. Here are a few revolutionary steps that I believe in…

  1. Think about something important, directly affecting your world
  2. Read a book on an important topic
  3. Research something important
  4. Discuss important things with your friends
  5. Discuss important things with strangers
  6. Spread information in your physical community as well as online
  7. Call or personally write your legislators in Congress and your state capital about anything
  8. Testify at local town halls, county councils, state legislatures or even Congress
  9. Take your money out of all the major banks, moving to local banks like most credit unions
  10. Ditch your car and ride a bicycle as much as possible for transportation (and fun!)
  11. Install some solar panels…and demand that at least the government goes completely renewable (like government office buildings and vehicle fleets)
  12. Buy as much local food as you can (Organic and NON-GMO)
  13. Grow as much of your own food as you can
  14. Eat less meat, or even transition to being vegan,¬†which saves water and other resources so more people can eat around the world. “One personal act that can have a profound impact on these issues is reducing meat consumption. To produce 1 pound of feedlot beef requires about 2,400 gallons of water and 7 pounds of grain. Considering that the average American consumes 97 pounds of beef (and 273 pounds of meat in all) each year, even modest reductions in meat consumption in such a culture would substantially reduce the burden on our natural resources.” – Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins
  15. Minimize how many of your dollars go to corporations larger than most countries
  16. Support non-profits and social businesses
  17. Start a social business
  18. But most importantly: Follow Your Passion!

Completing just one of these steps is amazing, and should reward you with satisfaction. And maybe we can still fix things with a strong enough revolution of the mind before we need a full-blown revolution. But until that day, keep doing what you can to make the world a better place. And on that day, be ready to remain peaceful no matter what is thrown at us.

The answer to 1984 is 1776, and I Love You because YOU ARE REVOLUTIONARY!

V for Victory!