Episode 3 – False Flag Boycott: The Hegelian Dialectic Resistance Pact

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False Flag Boycott: The Hegelian Dialectic Resistance Pact, version 1.0

If there is any form of terrorist attack not openly and officially claimed by any foreign government, we the people will not support any reactions of aggression or war against anyone, foreign or domestic. Instead we support the forming of a commission to investigate the goals of the (alleged) terrorists, in an honest effort to understand the root CAUSES, of which violence is a symptom, and analyze potential responses with legislative and diplomatic concessions. In even the very worst case, any violence in reaction must be respectively equal or lesser than the violence inflicted upon us.



This means that in the event of any crises, we the people will be looking very critically at ANY voices looking to ESCALATE violence. We will be looking at the parties with the most to gain in wealth, power or position. We will be looking at documented financial transactions proving foreknowledge of any such events. We will be looking for cover-up commissions which ignore evidence or allow it to be destroyed.

We recognize that for the past century, the United States of America is in fact the LARGEST EXPORTER OF TERRORISM IN THE WORLD. For this reason, we the people will also be listening to any VALID concerns and demands of such terrorists willing to give their lives trying to tell us their message. We the people support reductions to our Anglo-American imperialist actions and bases around the world. We think these types of changes in our reactions will reduce the number terrorists, and feed them less hate to live off of. First we must stop impeding the freedom and self-determination of other nations, if we are to expect it in return. For more details on this, see the Golden F*CKING Rule. This change in paradigm and policy is not seen as a concession, but as truly logical steps in the right direction for the best of all parties.

Let me be clear: I DO NOT IN ANY WAY CONDONE ANY FORM OF VIOLENCE, and I know that we the people around the world will ONLY win through non-violent methods. I would never never never commit suicide, as there is much to much beauty in this world even though it’s bittersweet and f***ed up…you can do so much more in life than death. Now, this is just my humble opinion, but why are we so quick to dismiss the wishes, goals or demands of [alleged] terrorists? When absorbing information at our preferred flicker-rate, we very easily buy into the ideas of our favorite talking heads. But how many of those heads believe so strongly in what they are saying and doing that they would die for their cause? How many have root goals of money, fame and/or power?

If, as a society, we have driven anyone to feel that their only option is to turn to violence or even self-sacrifice, then is it not our duty to take that serious look in the mirror and figure out how to inch our country towards growing up, instead of punching back in blind rage every time? Oh, yea and these people attack us because they “hate our freedom,” and to deal with their jealousy they attack us, instead of freeing themselves. — Oh wait, WE are actually the ones oppressing them in THEIR HOME, whether there is a physical or military occupation or not.

But aside from the intent, views or demands of terrorists, we must also have more critical reactions to crises themselves. This is because of the thoroughly documented history of the agility of some governments to stage acts of terrorism and frame the enemies of their choice, and the massive expansion of government secrecy ever since the Manhattan Project and the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA has only increased this. We the people have NO OVERSIGHT to shed light on a significant portions of our own government which do significant damage to our world…and we claim to be a “free” “democracy”.

In some well-planned crimes, a criminal plants evidence to throw the cops onto the wrong trail, or even to actively setup and blame someone else. When the crime is an act of terrorism, this form of framing someone is called a “False Flag” attack, and we know this is not just a thing of history. In October of 2008, Wiki Leaks released a US Special Forces counterinsurgency manual which had been US Army policy since 1994 and teaches about the staging of false flag attacks for these same purposes of psychological warfare in the countries we are occupying.

Now, if you’re new to the Infowars (Infowars.com), you might not have heard the term “false flag.” You also may not have also heard of the Hegelian Dialectic. It makes for a bit of a cumbersome title for my little pact, but this phrase could use a serious Colbert Bump in the mass consciousness. Wikipedia describes the Hegelian Dialectic as:

“usually presented in a three-fold manner…comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.”

This strategic method of Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis is also known as ‘Order Out Of Chaos’ (by Paul Joseph Watson) or Problem-Reaction-Solution. One of the most classic examples is Adolf Hitler’s use of this tool just four weeks after becoming Chancellor of Germany.

PROBLEM: There was an arson attack on the Reichstag building, the home of the German Parliament, in Berlin on February 27, 1933.

REACTION: Wikipedia explains that the fire was used as evidence by the Nazis that the Communists were beginning a plot against the government.

SOLUTION: This was used to justify and pressure widespread suspension of civil liberties, mass arrests, and the Nazis took majority power, only consolidating from there on out.

Problem. Reaction. Solution. Hello World War II.

Most of us cannot fathom attacking people of our own country…or ANYONE for that matter! But we can see examples of many leaders, past and present, near and far, who clearly do not share this conscience. But how many of those leaders, considered horrific in retrospect, had the support of significant portions of their populations leading right up until atrocities start…and even beyond? We must be able to recognize that tyrants rarely come out of nowhere, and even democracies can allow for a slow and consensual takeover by one faction which is just as comprehensive. Luckily, such a takeover is also a house of cards, falling if we can only focus our vision on it enough to call out the myths in the foundation.

America has long passed the tyrant standard, effectively finding ways to kill MILLIONS around the world, in most decades of the past century. With the most advanced forms of propaganda known to history, much of the population need not worry about our exported atrocities…vigilant for better footing the in the rat race while skyscrapers play empire builder. So I vote for voluntarily giving up our empire to return to being a regular country which obeys the rules of war and human decency…the golden rule…before everything is taken from us in retaliation.

Please understand, I have immense gratitude and respect for all the troops in harms way on all sides. They are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, theoretically defending their respective theoretical freedom. My own pops served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and I am really glad it helped him overcome some fears — like trying pizza for the first time as a young picky eater — but it did significantly form him and make him the man he is. We all know how painfully pointless and costly that whole war was looking back at the Fog of War, but it was not pointless just because of the idiotic counterinsurgency strategy. It was also pointless because the Gulf of Tolkin incident was not a legitimate reason to initiate a war IN THE FIRST PLACE. The PROBLEM for which a previously intended REACTION AND SOLUTION could be provided.

Just recently in 2008, the National Security Agency was forced to release documents and Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists project on government secrecy, told Agence France-Presse (AFP):

“What this study demonstrated is that the available intelligence shows that there was no attack. It’s a dramatic reversal of the historical record….There were previous indications of this but this is the first time we have seen the complete study,” Aftergood said.

Now we were duped into this major war of my father’s generation and if this is news to you, many apologies….from the mainstream media. We were also duped into the main wars of my generation. Everybody is familiar with Bush Junior’s alleged WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), right?

PROBLEM: Saddam Hussein and the country of Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction!

REACTION: This somehow threatens us, and what if the smoking gun comes in the form of

SOLUTION: Mission Accomplished! BUT, even if one did feel that [this] situation warranted the preemptive invasion of another country, we would surely not be in this situation had our government not supported Saddam Hussein for at least a decade prior to our wars there. This was a repeat of a decade earlier with Bush Senior.

It often surprises me how a president or administration can be simultaneously widely known for lying, while also being believed on other critical and related issues. The administration successfully silenced dissenters in its own agencies and manipulated all the intelligence to make their case on weapons of mass destruction to the United Nations. But after we found out about these lies, we continue to believe much of the intelligence passed down to us.

What kind of crazed conspiracy theory is 19 hijackers from caves defeating the most robust and expensive military-industrial complexes on the planet…four times in one day?! In the week following, the BBC and some other ‘respectable’ news agencies reported that several of those alleged hijackers were still alive and had been in the middle east at the time of the attacks. Though five years later, the BBC explained this was an error: cases of mistaken identity. But whichever side of this aspect of the story is correct, the Federal Bureau of Investigation to this day has never listed the atrocities of 9/11 on their Most Wanted poster for Osama Bin Laden. This is because there is simply not enough evidence to accuse him of these crimes in a court of law…let alone to start wars with sovereign nations.

But why is it so hard for us to understand, and accept, that [rogue] elements within our own government were capable of pulling off the attacks on 9/11? You might have been scared away from information about “9/11 conspiracy theories” because some presentations try to inject religion or race, which has helped divide and conquer the 9/11 Truth movement more in the past. Personally, I think if there is any single group responsible for these attacks, it is more likely they only share a geopolitical philosophy or life strategy/attitude, not a specific religious sect. But more importantly, we do not have enough information to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspects on our list are guilty. Hence the 9/11 Truth movement generally just fights for a new investigation and to END THESE ORWELLIAN WARS.

Let me briefly explain why I started researching 9/11. That day, I was baffled and offended at the instant war drum beat and the quick certainty in targeting the enemy, Osama bin Laden within minutes…it smelled fishy from the start. But in the coming years, there were major problems with the official story which forced me to keep researching: PHYSICS, my personal favorite of the hard sciences.

In New York that day, two planes hit two buildings and three buildings collapsed. Yes, THREE buildings collapsed that day. Have you heard of World Trade Center 7, the third building which collapsed later that day on 9/11? If not, please Google “WTC 7” after this episode. ALL THREE of these buildings collapsed at nearly free-fall speed, in 10 to 15 seconds, into their respective footprints. This means that the tops of the World Trade Center buildings fell nearly as fast as they would have if only AIR was beneath them, or a vacuum. But in a world where the basic laws of physics apply (quantum physics miracles aside), all of that steel and concrete below the tops of those buildings should have offered tons of resistance. I finally brought this simple science experiment to perform for people at this month’s street action on the 11th in San Francisco.

According to all video and seismic records, the tops of the buildings in fact managed to fall through the path of MOST resistance through the entire building below, instead of falling off the sides of the buildings which would have offered no resistance. Furthermore, if Al-Qaeda really wanted to inflict maximum damage and death on the people of New York, it would be infinitely easier to make the building topple over to the side than imploding it completely into its own footprints.

It takes a highly scientific controlled demotion team usually days to setup for the collapse of building that large, specifically so that they fall in their own footprint. So, according to the 9/11 Commission Report, it seems like controlled demolition companies should be thinking about just using airplanes to collapse buildings into their footprint instead of wasting all that time ‘planning.’ WTC 1, 2 and 7 were also the first three, and last three large steel buildings to collapse from fire and damage IN HISTORY.

Now despite loving physics most of my life, I majored in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, and you shouldn’t take my word alone for anything. So here is Stephen Jones

My name is Dr. Stephen Jones. I have a PhD in physics from Vanderbilt University, 1978. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University, 1973, I graduated magna cum laude. After PhD work I did post-doctoral work at Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility.

In June 2007 I was examining a dust sample which I had obtained from Janette McKinley. I was using a loop and also just looking at it with my eyes and an ordinary optical microscope, although stereo so that I could see better in three dimensions. And what I found was a chip that looked like it might be a paint chip. I mean early on I was thinking, ‘maybe not too interesting.’

But this chip was rather striking in its appearance. It had an orange-red color first of all. And then I found several of these and they all had some gray material adhering to the side of the red material. So later we found multiple layers but most of these chips had two layer, red, gray. I did take one of these chips down to the electron microscope, the scanning electron microscope, and we looked at it with electron microscope and then we used a system where we could determine the elements. What we found in the red material is a combination of aluminum and iron oxide, and these are the components of thermite.

Of course now we looked with an electron microscope, we looked deeper and deeper, with higher and higher magnification. And I pulled in a colleague of mine Dr. Jefferey Farrer, he’s an expert on the electron microscope machine. So he actually broke a piece off of one of these red chips, and then later he did four different samples, broke a piece off, that gives you a fresh surface. Because in the dust there’s all sorts of stuff, there’s zinc and titanium and calcium, all sorts of stuff.

So he broke off a tip so he could look at a fresh surface. And then what you see in all four samples that we studied in this detail: carbon (which is significant), oxygen, iron and aluminum. We looked at this, and these again are the ingredients (except for the carbon) — and we found that experimenters working with super thermite trying to beef it up, make it more explosive, tailoring it to different weapons applications, they would have silicone in there and an organic material (which means a carbon). So a polymer such as viton (sp?) they would add to this to give it the properties they wanted.

So that fit. Now see that was surprising to me to find silicone and carbon, but then we find in the literature that’s what these guys are doing in the weapons labs, Livermore and Los Alamos. They’re adding organic because that gives you a gas production. When the thermite goes off now you also have gas production, which gives you the explosive force, for instance.

Take a sample of this red-gray chip material and run it through a very sensitive instrument called a differential scanning calorimeter. And he did that. What it does, you heat temperature slowly and a material will react if it’s going to. And if it reacts and produces heat, you’ll get a spike in your calorimeter. And then if it reacts quickly you’ll get a narrow spike. If it, say, burns over a long period of time you’ll see a big broad spike. And the total area there is the total amount of energy released, and it gives you a lot of information.

What we found – what Dr. Farrer found first, and he was real excited when he told me about this. He took one of these chips and he put it in the differential scanning calorimeter, and sure enough it went off at right about 430 centigrade. But more importantly the peak was high, which means a lot of energy released, and narrow, which means (in his terms) it blew up. You know, you say, ‘Man this is it, this stuff blows up.’ It behaves just like nano-th– it has the ingredients of nano-thermite.

He said, ‘Well there should be in a thermite reaction, you should produce molten iron.’ So you should see some spheres of iron. Think of spraying water in the air and you get droplets that are more or less spherical because the surface tension pulls the liquid into a sphere, it’s very simple. Same thing with molten iron from the thermitic reaction, whether it’s ordinary conventional thermite or this super nano-thermite, either way you get this molten iron and you should get these droplets of iron. So he said we’ve got to look for those. If you don’t find those, maybe who knows what it is. But we’ve got to find droplets of molten iron otherwise we’re not sure we have the thermite reaction — the thermitic reaction, in this case it is nano-thermite.

So we looked, and wow what a beautiful sight. As you look at this, after the red materials reacted there are these little spheres, just tons of them. And we compared the traces that we got in this sophisticated calorimeter with traces obtained with known thermite, and these are published data, and our peak is actually narrower. I mean this stuff goes off very rapidly, and with more energy than had been reported by these other researchers working with known nano-thermite.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

I used to go to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) yearly for science competitions and that building and organization was like one of my heroes growing up. But here I feel this same organization is been now lying to me right to my face about the very laws of physics they helped instill in me 15 years ago. NIST is in charge of standards for hard core things like HOW MUCH ONE GRAM WEIGHS. How could its leadership betray such logic and trust for this cause?

Under pressure from the Bush administration, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told the brave first responders they DID NOT need masks to protect them from the very toxic dust, and those most inspiring humans have kept painfully dying ever since. In August of 2003, the EPA published a report saying:

“The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) influenced, through the collaboration process, the information that EPA communicated to the public through its early press releases when it convinced EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones.” – EPA

New York Daily News recently reported that Paula Rodriguez, 44, an New York Fire Department emergency medical technician, died May 30 of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while pushing for important legislation for the needed care for all of the first responders and their families. It says she is one of 900 related first-responder deaths, but as New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney explains, “thousands of 9/11 first responders and survivors have serious illnesses that will require medical care for life, and our bill will ensure that they get the care they need.”

Some day, more American first-responders will have died from 9/11 than the 3,000 victims taken from us on that day. Just last month this issue has made it to congress again and I encourage all of my listeners to check the recent inspiring clip of Congressman Anthony Weiner defending a bill to improve aid for 9/11 first responders.

In the weeks after the tragic event, CBS and the San Francisco Chronicle among others reported on the millions made on the stock market that day. There was an notably high number of ‘put’ options, bets that the stock’s price would FALL, on American Airlines and United Airlines, the two airlines hijacked on 9/11. Despite plenty of solid leads for major red flags on prior knowledge to 9/11, the final 9/11 Commission Report contained this infamous and offensive statement:

“To date, the US Government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.” – Chapter 5

Also particularly interesting, one of the testimonies given before the 9/11 Commission, was by the Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta. Captured on CSPAN, preserved through You Tube, he says,

When I got to the White House, it was being evacuated. I met briefly with Richard Clark, a National Security Council staff member, who had no new information. Then the Secret Service escorted me down to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, otherwise known as the PEOC. …

I was made aware of it during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon. There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, “The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out.” And when it got down to, “The plane is 10 miles out,” the young man also said to the vice president, “Do the orders still stand?” And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”

Click here to read Norman Mineta’s full testimony

This testimony was OMITTED by the final report, because it conflicted with Vice President Dick Cheney’s alibi. When Lee Hamiliton, the chair of the commission, was later asked about this, he said:

“I do not recall.” When pressed, he expands, “Well, we think that Vice President Cheney entered the bunker shortly before 10 o’clock. And there is a gap of several minutes there, where we do not really know what the Vice President really did. There is the famous phone call between the President and the Vice President. We could find no documentary evidence of that phone call.”

Most people also assume that these things could not be kept secret because someone in such a vast operation would blow the whistle. The problem there is that there have been several very public whistle-blowers regarding 9/11 like Sibel Edmonds, William Bergman, Coleen Rowley, J. Michael Springmann, Robert Wright, Indira Singh, Barry Jennings, and Richard Andrew Grove…but I guess they were not important enough to dominate news cycles.

I find all of this highly offense…HIGHLY OFFENSE. Who do they think they are?! Who do they think we are?! Why are they treating us like naive children with all of this propaganda used to overcome the basic laws of physics and rational logic. What kind of f*cked up game is this?!

In retrospect it feels like a horror movie with some open eyes in the audience yelling, “Don’t go in there! Don’t go into that mindset the bad guy led you right into! That paradigm is going to take us right to war!” Coming soon to theaters near you, Cube 247: Trapped in the Corporate-Industrial Complex!

If you haven’t already, it is absolutely required that you find out what information is out there on this event…unless you wish to repeat history, and you wish your children to repeat history, and so on. For an overview of the applicable laws of physics check out the ten minute, or two hour, video Blueprint for Truth by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. For analysis of the official narrative, evidence and 9/11 Commission report, I recommend starting with David Ray Griffin’s 9/11: The Myth and The Reality, an excellent lecture. Then watch Loose Change Final Cut for some deeper followup info if interested. Once you’re convinced of how appallingly ridiculous the official story for 9/11 is, you might want to watch Fabled Enemies to start investigating the leads as to who in fact carried the attacks out. These are all free online, just Google it, because I have only just scratched the surface.

You can search in AltBib.Com for every mainstream article presented in those films and read each entire article to see if the evidence is taken out of context, exaggerated or just to add or remove salt from your take on that piece of evidence. You can try to search for follow-up information on those documents to see if it was later refuted, etc. This process will continue being made easier by using my new tool on AltBib.Com, Research-Alongs…check it out, but there will be more on this coming later.

If this information is new to you, please do your best not to be afraid. It takes almost EVERYONE at least a year or two to really come to terms with most of the evidence against the official story. But at some point in the future, you will look back feeling more open-minded and enlightened, and more impressed with humanity’s ability to fight back with information, knowledge and the shining light of truth.

The 9/11 Truth movement is a truly awe-inspiring story of major underdogs with truth on their side, which I publicly joined all too late but followed from the start. For the past eight years I was effectively self-censored, completely silencing these views of mine for fear of diminishing credibility for my active, public and already stigmatizing work fighting to end the War on Drugs. But for a few years now there has just been far too much solid and scientific evidence to ignore this reality.

I don’t think we have enough evidence yet to know what really happened, but the last eight years of work in open source intelligence by the 9/11 Truth movement and its friends has provided ample evidence for a controlled demolition of the official narrative…into its own footprint. The 9/11 Commission was a cover-up of the highest order on par with the Warren Commission…we just don’t know what exactly was covered up.

So, PROBLEM: 9/11.

REACTION: War vs Anti-War.

SOLUTION: Removal of rights, then Mission Accomplished.

“You’re free! And free is beautiful. And you know, it will take time to restore chaos, and order — order out of chaos — but we will.” – George W Bush

Instead of debating whether or not we should have gone to war, we first really needed to determine whether or not anyone from another country actually attacked us. We needed to first be absolutely sure that elements of our own government were not more responsible than other parties, and had not intentionally allowed the attacks to happen. We needed to investigate the crime first. Outside of shoot-em-up movies, are the police allowed to shoot up a whole neighborhood searching for someone, BEFORE proving beyond a reasonable doubt that they committed a crime? In this crime as much evidence as possible was destroyed, omitted or shielded with state secrecy and national security.

The narrative in the mainstream media was limited to debating whether or not we should go to war, not about the what actually happened and why. We have to learn from our history to see that many administrations are willing to lie during these situations to maximize their power, and to use the mainstream media to propagate these lies. And we ourselves must become more critical of the information we’re provided now that we live in an age of freedom of CHOICE OF INFORMATION.

Even the mainstream media has recognized the similarities between the current Iraq/Afghanistan wars and the Vietnam War from pretty early on, but we have not been able to stop our war machine. Eisenhower warned us, but now it’s all grown up. Now, these examples are offensively similar and blatant, but the formula applies many types of situations and scales. For example…

PROBLEM: Oklahoma City Bombing.

REACTION: Domestic extremists are a threat to national security.

SOLUTION: Increase targeting of domestic threats. “We’re going need to see some of those rights of yours — oh and if you agree our government has become oppressive, can you please hold this stigma.” The official story is that Timothy McVeigh accomplished this attack alone, and I feel confident enough that at least this is not true. But as always, WHETHER OR NOT there is a comprehensive conspiracy directly manifesting this event, THE RESULTS ARE THE SAME and the agenda of choice moves forward!

For more info on this I recommend starting by listening to the Corbett Report’s Episode #38: OKC was an inside job and Episode #140: Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey. Then if you are still interested, please check out the documentation he provides, do some more research into all the other evidence you can find, applying your best guess for how much salt to add every single step of the way, and come to your own conclusion based on all the evidence you can lay your eyes on. For this is the best any of us can do.

PROBLEM: GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS! REACTION: Sub-prime mortgages (and derivatives) are the cause, we need bailouts to buy out the banks’ toxic assets. SOLUTION: Actually, we’re just going to buy up some struggling banks while further consolidating wealth, power and grip on markets.

Economics is surprisingly fascinating and pervasively important to EVERY OTHER FIELD OF INTEREST. So I encourage you to check out Corbett Report Episode #5: Central Banking is a Hoax, Episode #13: The dollar crash of 07, Episode #64: End the Fed, Episode #76: Meet the real economists, Episode #120: Economics 101, Episode #122: Hello, Iceland, and just last week’s Episode #139: Know Your History: Colonial Scrip.

PROBLEM: Health Care crisis caused by decades of stalling without much needed reform to our greed-oriented health care system.

REACTION: Public Option vs Anti-Public Option.

SOLUTION: Corporate fallacio. A few nice concessions for a segment of the population, but overall will this really be a step in the right direction? Is it one step forward with two steps back? Take a look at poor Dennis Kucinich’s face on Democracy Now after he was persuaded by Obama during an Air Force One flight, into voting for the health care bill. Now I sure haven’t read the whole bill or attempted to understand it all, but my gut says there’s more cumulative help in there for Big Pharma than for average citizens not a part of the pharmaceutical or medical-industrial complex.

PROBLEM: British Petroleum’s (BP) Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

REACTION: ~Coming Soon??

SOLUTION: ~Coming Soon??.. But we do know that years ago BP did not spend the extra $500K on an acoustic switch system. They are legally required to use this fail-safe system in many other countries like Norway, but they did NOT have to in the United States. We do know we have problems with revolving doors between the most profitable industries and government offices. We do know that Goldman Sachs sold 43% of its BP shares during the first quarter of 2010. We do know that then BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 1.4 million pounds in BP shares, one third of his holdings, just 35 days before this disaster. We do know that BP put consistent intentional pressure to rush the pace beyond safe drilling practices, and continued despite a reported problem with the blowout preventer.

But maybe the most troubling thing is the response. I understand that BP is responsible for the cleanup, but they were the ones reckless enough to cause this situation, why would we trust them with the physical logistics of capturing and cleaning the spill oil? Is that not our nation’s oil and many nations’ ecosystems? So I can understand Obama’s hands off approach to a point, but after a week or two showing only signs of very poor cleanup work, it seems rational to do all we can to help and send BP the bill.

And WHY IN THE WORLD, would our government EVEN ALLOW BP to react to this record-breaking spill of toxic crude oil by adding record-breaking levels of Corexit to the mix?! Corexit is a product line of solvents used to disperse the oil, but it too is highly toxic and currently banned in the United Kingdom! Independent reporters in the gulf have sent samples of water to labs finding

Day 70 –  Grand Isle, LA – Oil/Water samples from Gulf…VERY TOXIC – jamescfox

James Fox: Good morning world. We’re on the corner of Toulouse and Bourbon Street in New Orleans here. We just got back from Grand Isle, went and got these samples. It was pretty amazing, we ran into some workers that were working on the boats (some safety officers) which will remain nameless. And they invited us to go have a beer at the local bar there in Grand Isle. And after a couple of beers they introduced us to one of their coworkers who had collected oil 20 miles out on his boat and had given us a sample straight out.

Now all we can do is send these out and get some answers. We got this one from a shore break in Grand Isle. We got this one from the rock jetty in Grand Isle, right there at the very end, they call it the end of the world which is ironic, but that’s where we were. And this is the one we got from 20 miles out, you can see the oil blog right there.

Anonymous Lab Scientist On Phone: There is a lot of something that is not oil in the oil bugger, if you will, inside the water sample. And that’s why it wasn’t acting really like oil. Now I think a big clue were the results for the Propylene Glycol. Now I have a guestimate — I have an estimate here of how much is in there. Now the number I came up with was 430 parts per million (ppm). Okay that sounds — it’s actually a very large number for Propylene Glycol in water. That’s how much we’re getting from the water.

James Fox: What does that mean?

Scientist: What does that mean? Well let me put it this way, Propylene Glycol is actually part of Corexit, okay. So if I’m measuring 430ppm of Propylene Glycol in the water itself, this is just one part of Corexit…the Corexit itself has to be a much bigger number. And it turns out that the toxic level for Corexit for fish is 25ppm. So we’re measuring at least 425 as toxic in water. And if you’re in the presence of oil, if the fish encounters oil mixed in with Corexit it drops down to 2.6ppm as being toxic. So the sample you handed me is probably about 150 times the toxic level for fish. How’s that for a starter?

James Fox: You’re kidding me.

Scientist: No, I am not kidding you. So that’s just for the Propylene Glycol. Now that means, the fact that the Propylene Glycol is in the water, means that the other components of Corexit must also be in the water. And that means that anybody — that means this water is — well like I said, the fact that it was mixed with oil, that you had a sample there with oil in it, that means that the level of Corexit in that water was about 150 times the toxic level for fish. And for people that also certainly means that the number is way too high. So what I’m seeing here, you don’t even have to see the oil to be exposed to Corexit, because the Corexit is in the water, not only in the oil, it’s in the water itself. Because this G.C. I ran, I drew away from the oil, I did not get oil into the sample, it was just water. So I put just water in the machine, I’m getting 430ppm Propylene Glycol. And then of course the Propylene Glycol is considered to be a minor component, and that’s the stuff I was measuring. The Propylene Glycol itself is 430ppm, that’s just the Propylene Glycol that’s not the others. Those have to be even higher. If you add up all the components, that water was just jammed with stuff. The thing is that the level that you find on the surface is many times higher than what’s needed to kill fish. This stuff is hitting the beaches and it’s coming up as sea spray and people are breathing it. And that could explain — you know if you’re swimming in the stuff, if you’re breathing the stuff, you’re swallowing the stuff, you’re going to have problems. This reminds me, you know I’m thinking about those commercials from the governor of Florida saying “Don’t worry everything’s fine, come on down.” That reminds of that time when the EPA told the people at Ground Zero that there was no asbestos in the air. But there was. Okay. I don’t know where they are getting their information, but this water is poisonous.

Look, I sure don’t have all the facts on this spill yet, but it smells more than fishy. There seems to have been no real effort to prevent this crisis from happening or meaningful cleanup, while there are red flags pointing towards high-level foreknowledge and most solutions offered have made the problem worse either by increasing toxicity, or wasting time, or just burying the problem for some poor sap to find later.

So let us only support truly rational and appropriate solutions, if the administration or congress ever decide to use this crisis to move a political agenda forward. There is enough evidence here to treat all that has happened as somewhat intentional, which changes how we should react. I do not support environmental solutions which rely only on creating new carbon-based ponzi schemes, but more on modern environmentalism will come in an upcoming episode.

FUTURE PROBLEM: Internet False Flag?

FUTURE REACTION: Need for greater cybersecurity?

FUTURE SOLUTION: Relative censorship of the internet.

FUTURE PROBLEM: Middle Eastern/Axis of Evil False Flag Terrorism…again?!

FUTURE REACTION: Yes we believe whatever you, the national intelligence complex, say regarding who attacked us, as you have no vested interest.

FUTURE SOLUTION: Bomb, then invade Iran, Syria, North Korea, maybe Iraq again, whatever. Another steaming hot democracy delivered on time, Mission Accomplished!




Look, we shouldn’t feel too bad, this method has been very effectively used to manipulate and control populations for hundreds if not thousands of years. But, now we have the internet and we must be striving to know ‘the truth’ of significant events in REAL TIME. In a democracy, how are we possibly content with our government keeping such large secrets from us for up to 50 years, when all the bastards are dead by the time the info is finally declassified.

But in this chess game we’ve got to assume they are many moves ahead of us, and they have prepared our reactions for us, leading us anywhere on the board we can be suckered into. We must stop letting them bait us, and must refuse the solutions promoted by the minions in the mainstream media who compress all responses to given events into roughly two.

Open Source Intelligence! In our modern world, post information revolution, there is no reason to keep most intelligence secret. Secrecy is being used as a form of power and manipulation…enabling the most evil of human capacities. We are now ready to enter a new paradigm for intelligence and national security.

If we publish all the information and intelligence we collect and make it public, it turns a significant part of the spy game upside-down and puts the power into the minds of the masses to come to our own conclusions about what we as a country should be doing. Currently all the actionable intelligence is all funneled — and usually only intentionally released — with no way for us to independently verify.

I strongly urge my listeners to watch a 2008 film named Secrecy. It powerfully provides both sides to these issues of intelligence and secrecy and is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, please move it to the top of your Netflix Queue today. I will discuss open source intelligence more in an upcoming episode.

One of the key issues is that legislation during crisis is just the worst. And the big ballers playing at the level above the Presidential Puppet position sure know how to create atmospheres of crisis and perpetual fear. We are also being fed plenty of misinformation on both sides. On top of this, the narrow narratives we are restricted to in the mainstream or Congressional discussion have severely limited how rational, balanced and effective our solutions are. No truth can be found on only one dimension, and our public dialogues really need to step it up and ditch the sound byte media in the digital dust.

Even without crisis, the large pieces of legislation passed have most helped the same people who have already consolidated wealth and power. Corporations can spend 364 days a year hurting the world and donate one day’s worth of profits to a charity to act like a good guy. Similarly, the few kick-backs we the people actually get are usually far outweighed by the advancement of the goals of the Corporate-Industrial Complex. At least in my lifetime, I feel the average has been one step forward, two or four steps back…indifferent to which party is in power. I would like to see this aspect of the problem improved with serious campaign finance reform and an end to political parties, or at least this duopoly.

As something of a side-note, I think what the old paradigm calls “conservatives” or “republicans,” naturally more skeptical of government, are quite far ahead of “liberals” or “democrats” in their understanding of the grave nature of these issues and threats to our freedom. This despite the biggest false flag attack in recorded history with the left’s best enemy they could hope for, archnemesis George W Bush in the puppet post, but we couldn’t get it going. And now “our guy” is in power, and despite doing very little to satisfy promises to the progressive left, if we are not vigilant and talking with each other about false flag attacks, we will be fooled and the big ballers pulling the strings of the Obama administration, and of course the congress, will be able to use the next crisis for whatever they have in store for us. We must understand that MSNBC, CNN and ABC are just as bad as FOX and will lie to us whenever needed and possible, even they say things we like more.

This is particularly important because of the natural cycles of politics making this fall’s elections and uphill battle for the Democrats in power. Just last month the Financial Times reported:

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” says Rob Shapiro, another former Clinton official and a supporter of Mr Obama. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

Please let that sink in for a minute, and think about it later. We have seen countless public remarks like this over the years of the last decade from the Neo-Cons, like the report by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses, published the year before 9/11, they describe all the transformation they wish to see in the country and world. Then on page 51 the report explicitly says, “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” But Rob Shapiro’s recent comments are the most offensive similar comments which I have heard yet from the left, so we must remain 100% vigilant for any October surprises which may come this year, or every two years. And we must do our homework if we expect to keep return to a free democracy. We can no longer afford to restrict our discussions and solutions to the mainstream paradigm, and open source intelligence must win.

Whether or not this information is new to you, I recommend that all my listeners check out a brand new documentary which came out just in the last two months by Dan Dicks with Press For Truth, titled “United We Fall.” It is one of the best films I’ve seen on the North American Union and its ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. It’s definitely worth a watch and you can find it free online.

Now, it is true that when we discuss alternative theories of 9/11, we are talking about very shadowy circles of infinite power and danger, close to the centers of our countries’ public political arenas. The scope of these forces make one feel so awkward, scared and vulnerable — I imagine it feels like a spider is tip-toeing across your grundle — and it is no wonder we all go through denial at first. It has taken most of us a year or two after learning this painful information before we could really look it in the eye, and often another year or two before we could talk to anyone about it. But don’t be afraid, most of us in this fight are not here because of fear…we are angry and wish to counteract this evil we see with peace and love. We have simply looked at the evidence at hand, accounted for error bars on sources and information, and have found many alternative narratives to more closely resemble the reality we all sense. Of course please do not take my word for anything, a please do your own research, as it is the only way to come to your own conclusions.

But if you get it, and you decide you agree, please go to Facebook and/or Change.org now and sign the False Flag Boycott: the Hegelian Dialectic Resistance Pact. Because maybe, just maybe, we can force these topics to become common in our mainstream discussions of current events. And if we ensure that we ALL learn ALL the REAL lessons we should learn from 9/11, then perhaps those precious lives taken from our world will not have been lost completely in vain. Don’t be afraid to talk about these issues with your family and peers. Please let the world know we are awake, we are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it any more!

This Episode’s Music: Wiki World Order mash-up of Crystal Method and Propellerheads featuring Miss Shirley Bassey, History Repeating By The Whips Of A Pimp. It features samples from Danny D on Democracy Now on June 23, 2010, and Alex Jones’ July video short, “THE ROAD, an Allegory of Life”. Then you hear…

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