A Few Memes Going Into 2020 Too

In the meme time, here is some more food for thought from my head. I made these at the start of this year, but got too distracted to post them until later. ;-p <3

WEF Young Global Leaders
We Are The Fascists We’ve Been Waiting For…

*Actual website does not describe any members as fascists:

But according to many definitions…

How About Tracking ‘Died After Injection’?

How about we spend two years tracking and reporting ‘died after injection’ … like we spent two years hearing how many ‘died after COVID diagnosis’?

Another Bad Prediction By ‘Contagion’

How 2021 played out?..
Joe Rogan, Don Lemon, and Sanjay discuss as media personalities – not well-researched ‘conspiracy theorists’, and NEVER legitimate field experts debating each other.

In 2011, the movie Contagion inaccurately imagined that the CDC would publicly debate independent media (or legitimate field experts). In 2021, censorship was very effective in the short-term.

How Contagion (2011) envisioned MSM pandemic debates:
Jude Law ~= Alex Jones
Laurence Fishburne ~= Rochelle Walensky[‘s deputy]
Sanjay Gupta ~= Sanjay Gupta

Let go of my unalienable rights! I do not know you!

RAND Rager

After a two-year rage analyzing multiple novel phenomena, the hardworking employees of the RAND Corporation passed out while betting on how SARS-CoV-3 will play out.

How Many Noble Lie Licks?

How many noble lie licks does it take to demolish official COVID narratives?
Does asymptomatic transmission often help drive pandemics?
What’s the efficacy of face masks, against aerosols, outside of hospitals?
What percentage of PCR tests used a cycle threshold over 35?
How is the control group from the novel vaccine trials?
How do you explain the evidence in these peer-reviewed studies?
We don’t have to explain much, simply using appeals to authority.
Will you please debate alternative opinions on ‘the science’?
Trust the science son, sir, or madam, it will change again soon.
Shucks, looks like we’ll have to out-thrive the brave new world order.

This Is What Technocracy Looks Like

After getting distracted by the next narratives, don’t forget that …
[ COVID-19 Response Press Briefing ]
… this is what technocracy looks like.

Which ‘coups’ had history written by the victors?

[Thus Far…]

Presidents Actually Debating Scientific Policies

Concerned about misinformation? Try hosting a real debate among scientists on your media platform.

Photo from “US presidential debate highlights: Covid-19, North Korea, racial tensions focal points in final Trump-Biden face-off”

Censorship, and The Language Of The Unheard

Martin Luther King Jr. on racial inequality in 1967:

“… I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? …”


In that speech, he was primarily speaking about racial inequality. But how might this lesson apply to censoring those injured by pandemic policies?

Let us avoid riots.


IRL Memes

I have not yet made time to post more about my inspiring experience at the march to Defeat The Mandates in DC.

Screenshot from PBS News Hour


Interestingly, the visual b-roll here did not seem to be addressed in any of this PBS news segment’s audio content.