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Tragedy and Hope:

(Video) “Free Man Beyond the Wall: Ask Me Anything w/ Richard Grove” in the group History… So It Doesn’t Repeat

(Video / Audio) The Corbett Report: Interview #1402: Richard Grove on the Rothschilds and WWI

(Audio) Richard Grove w/Mance Rayder – The Subjugation of the Human Mind

New Tragedy and Hope Self-Reliance Course for Advanced Access Members:

Details on the Course & Fundraiser I’m doing to Launch it:

(Audio) Ep. 0173: DHP Heroes: John Taylor Gatto w/Richard Grove & Brett Veinotte

(Video / Audio) Declare Your Independence: Richard Grove (11-08-18)

(Audio) Richard Grove with Meria Heller 10-31-18

(Video / Audio) Justice for U.S.S. Liberty – Interview with Sgt. Bryce Lockwood Par…

(Video / Audio) Declare Your Independence: Richard Grove (10-05-18)

(Video / Audio) Richard Grove with Keith Knight | Understanding the War on Consciou… (2h 40m, also on DTube)

(Video / Audio) T&H 9-11 LIVE STREAM on 17th Anniversary (5-Hours) 

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Recent productions published by independent media affiliates of T&H:

Corbett Report hosted by James Corbett:

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: Episode #332 (repost): The Weaponization of Social Media

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: Merry Christmas. Help me choose your favourite reports!

(Video & Audio) James Corbett & James Evan Pilato: 
New World Next Year 2019

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: Interview #1407: Mark Skidmore on the Pentagon’s Missing Trillions

(Article) The Corbett Report: Venezuela Joins the Social Credit Club 

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: Episode #350:
History Is Written By The Winners

(Video) The Corbett Report: Freedom Fries and Liberty Cabbage – #PropagandaWatch

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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock:

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Bob Stanley – Dr Judy Mikovits & Dr Phranq Tamburri 

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Logan Krumbhaar – Jeremy Kauffman – Jack Wilborn

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Bob Stanley ( update, QAnon, Military Tribunals, Deep State…

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD = Trump Report – It Begins 2019

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: “John” on AZ and National Politics – Year End

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Stephen Lendman – Chris Haskell

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Ernest Hancock – Syria – Huawei & Princess of China – Genie Ene…

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Tone Vays = Bitcoin and the Future of Crypto

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Patrick Wood (Greater Phoenix Smart Region Initiative)

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Ernest Hancock &Tim Picciott

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Ernest and Donna Hancock

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Doug Casey – Brice Penaud – Jeff Berwick

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Gerald Celente – Tim Picciott

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Media Monarchy hosted by James Evan Pilato:

(Audio) Media Monarchy: “Firepower” and the #BestOf2018

(Audio) Media Monarchy: #PumpUpThaVolume: December 21, 2018

(Audio) Media Monarchy: #MorningMonarchy: December 21, 2018

(Audio) Media Monarchy: #GoodNewsNextWeek: Middle Finger, Outdoor Learning, Small Bookstores

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Meria Heller Show hosted by Meria Heller:

(Audio) Meria Heller Show: Meria With Johnathan Simon 

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Ominous Continuity Podcast hosted by Kevin Cole:

(Audio) UOP: The Ominous Continuity Podcast: #006 – Building the Kingdom of God – Lionel Curtis, John Foster Dulles and…

(Audio) UOP: Audiobook: “The Idea of a League of Nations” by H.G. Wells and the …

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Our Interesting Times Podcast hosted by Timothy Kelly:

  (Audio) Our Interesting Times: Paul and Phillip Collins on the Alien Smokescreen

School Sucks Podcast hosted by Brett Veinotte:

(Audio) School Sucks episode #592: Jamie Crane – Profiles In Male Enhancement

(Audio) School Sucks episode #591: The T.M. Landry Scam – How A “Miracle School” Exploited A Corrupt S… 

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