Questions For Darrell, #QFD 001: The Cascade Failure of Certainty

Greetings, viewers! This is the first installment of Questions For Darrell.
This episode is an exploration of humility, curiosity and flexibility, guided by a discussion about the personal beliefs that were changed due to new evidence and ideas being discovered.

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“What conclusions did you once hold as firm, unyielding and did not audit or question?”

Thank you so much for joining us again, Darrell, for our inaugural episode of Questions For Darrell. Today we’ll be having a comfortable and hopefully thoughtful discussion, by asking each other questions. If anyone watching or listening to this have a Question For Darrell (or Morgan or Katie), please contact us through our websites, Facebook, YouTube, or just Tweet #QFD @wikiworldorder.

Darrell Becker looks through the intellectual lenses of the Trivium method of critical thinking, Voluntary Communication (a.k.a. Non-Violent Communication, NVC), the Non-Aggression Principle, among others, in hopes of creating internal and interpersonal emotional and intellectual equilibrium. He is also a licensed acupuncturist living on the Big Island of Hawaii, and working on his book with the working title, “The Language of Choice”. You can find all of Darrell’s valuable work for free at!

Morgan Lesko has both been and activist and writing computer code most his life, and has been trying to study and find solutions in our crazy world quite seriously since 9/11. You can find his studies, efforts, and creations at

Katie Stone is also a long-time drug policy reform activist who is wrapping up a masters in Transformative Leadership at the California Institute for Integral Studies. She is also starting her own social business to educate the new cannabis industry on ways to improve their environmental (and financial) bottom line- you can find that at

Last month, the three of us had a nice discussion about what we saw and felt in the days following election season’s finale. It was a delightful way to more frequently have the kind of conversations for which we sometimes schedule cross-continental time. It was also very therapeutic for us to work through some thoughts with your good company, so thank you again for collaborating, and thank you for tuning in!

One powerful idea we discussed was to share humility with more people while we are trying to build bridges of mutual understanding and empathy. One strategy you suggested was to internally acknowledge (or openly share) examples of things you’ve changed your mind about. It’s a reminder that “being wrong” about something means you’re winning the learning game. We all do it, we’re all uncertain, so let’s just try to have fun figuring it out together.

So we’ll start there with you, Darrell, with your more precise words… “What conclusions did you once hold as firm, unyielding and did not audit or question?”

Questions for Darrell:

  • “What conclusions did you once hold as firm, unyielding and did not audit or question?”
    • Voting
    • Democracy
    • Representative Governments
    • Accuracy of the Orthodox Medical Science Claims and Conclusions
    • Vaccines
    • 9/11/01 Events
    • Historical Accuracy in Texts
    • Peer Review of Science
    • Double-Blind Studies as compared with Clinical Anecdotal Data
    • Accuracy of Any Science Claims
    • Consensus of the “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” Scientist’s Opinions and Data
    • Bitcoin Viability and Value
    • Economics as an Unimportant Subject

Questions for Morgan:

  • “What conclusions did you once hold as firm, unyielding and did not audit or question?”
    • Fitting in is worth it
    • Citizens can always use the governmental structures for good
    • Mainstream media is generally most accurate
    • Marijuana will give you man-boobies, D.A.R.E.
    • Only hippies and potheads want to end the drug war
    • Governments almost never intentionally hurt their citizens
    • There is no god, by anyone’s definition
    • NIST is one of the most trustworthy scientific institutions
    • “Climate change” consensus is logical (summary of position)
    • Free markets are scary
    • Governments are necessary

Questions for Katie:

  • “What conclusions did you once hold as firm, unyielding and did not audit or question?”
    • The god of abraham exists!
    • No gods exist.
    • Science is god.
    • Western, allopathic medicine is the end-all, be-all, and all of it’s teachings are true.
    • The government wants to actually help people.
    • Vegetables!!!
    • Technology will save us.


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