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Tragedy and Hope:

(Audio) Peace Revolution 089: The Art of Freedom / Keep Calm and St…

(Video) Adam Kokesh: Campfire Freedom Tour / 06.10.2015 St. Pete FL

(Video) FREEDOM’S PHOENIX: Interview with Ernest Hancock

(Video) Freedom is an Emerging Market – Brett Veinotte with Richard Grove a…

(Video) “Empire of LIES: The Ron Paul Documentary” / Interview with Charles…

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Ernest Hancock, Richard Grove, Brett Veinotte

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Austin Green: – Richard Grove:

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Lisa Arbercheski – Richard Grove – Joe Jarvis – Cody Wilson

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Stewart Rhodes – Charles Goyette – Richard Grove

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Richard Grove, Lisa Arbercheski – Patrick Wood

(Audio) Peace Revolution episode 088: The U.N.-American Agenda / World Federalism and the United Nations …

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Recent productions published by independent media affiliates of T&H:

Corbett Report hosted by James Corbett:

(Video & Audio) James Corbett & James Evan Pilato – Greece is on Fire

(Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1057 – Financial Survival: Greece Drops “Odious Debt” Bombshell

(Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1056 – Austin Green Shines Light on The Shadow Ring

(Audio) The Corbett Report: FLNWO #27 – The Library of Babel 

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: interview #1055 – James Corbett on Jay’s Analysis

(Article) The Corbett Report: Real Solutions Arise Out of the Greek Crisis  

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: Global Warfare in the New World Order (GRTV video)

(Video) The Corbett Report: How to Spot Disinfo

(Article) The Corbett Report: The Bankster Suicides 

(Video) The Corbett Report: Is China Floating a China-Euro Currency Bloc?  

(Video) The Corbett Report: Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!

(Video) The Corbett Report: Clinton Emails and State FOIA- An Open Source Investigation 

(Audio) The Corbett Report: Questions For Corbett #022: How Do We Counter Military Worship?

(Video & Audio) The Corbett Report: episode #305: The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

(Audio) The Corbett Report: The Well-Read Anarchist #007 – “That Property is Impossible” by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon – Chapter Five

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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock:

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Ernest and Donna Hancock – Carla Gericke – Julia Tourianski

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: L. Neil Smith – Derrick Slopey, Drew Phillips 

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Cody Drummond – Tim Coomber – Susanne Trimbath

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: David Bego

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: Commander Dale Brown – Butler Shaffer  

(Video & Audio) Declare Your Independence: David Rodriguez    

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Free Domain Radio hosted by Stefan Molyneux:

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: The Salvation of Greece. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooting – True News

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: The Most Inspiring Story You’ll Hear Today!

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: Genetic Ostracism – Ideology vs. Reproduction

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: Jurassic World: The Untold Story! – Movie Review

(Video) Stefan Molyneux: The 97% Consensus? Global Warming Unmasked! 

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Media Monarchy by James Evan Pilato:

(Audio) Media Monarchy: RadioFreeBlood: James Evan Pilato on Earth Day

(Audio) Media Monarchy: Interview w/ SageFrancis

(Audio) Media Monarchy: @PumpUpThaVolume: Episode162 – Do The Get Down 

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Meria Heller Show hosted by Meria Heller:

(Audio) Meria Heller Show: Blood & Guts

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Red Ice Radio hosted by Henrik Palmgren:

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Kristiina Ojuland – EU to Force Mass Immigration on Estonia 

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Jonas De Geer – Hour 1 – The Destruction of Western Culture 

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Mark Hackard – Hour 1 – Russia and the West: Cold War & Espiona…

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Sofia Smallstorm – Hour 1 – Bruce Jenner’s Trans-formation & Te…

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Jim Fetzer & Ole Dammegard – Hour 1 – Mass Illusions: The Moon …

(Audio) Red Ice Radio: Stephen A. McNallen – Hour 1 – Asatru: A Native European Spirituality 

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School Sucks Podcast hosted by Brett Veinotte:

(Audio) School Sucks episode #356: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience (Part 3 – Our Scores, … 

(Audio) School Sucks episode #355: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience (Part 2 – Our Scores, …

(Audio) School Sucks episode #354: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience (Part 1 – Introduction)

(Audio) School Sucks episode #353: Our Place In the Emerging Market For Freedom (with Richard Grove an…

(Audio) School Sucks episode #352: The 6 Pillars of Achieving a Healthy Body and Mind (with Kevin Gear…

(Audio) School Sucks episode #351b: Twelve Arguments For Home Education (2 of 2)

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Our Interesting Times Podcast hosted by Timothy Kelly:

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: Jay Dyer on Bilderberg, Corporatism and “Stupid Libertarianism”

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: James Perloff talks about Free Mind Film’s documentary Shadowring a…

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: Dr. E. Michael Jones on Pornography as a Psy-Op and Urban Renewal a…

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: Douglas Valentine on the Phoenix Program and How The Vietnam Era Co…

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: Brandon Turbeville on ISIS, Color Revolutions and the Anglo-America…

(Audio) Our Interesting Times: Ed Opperman on Jeffrey Epstein, Elite Pedophilia, Satanic Cults and…

Choice Conversations Podcast hosted by Chris Stefanick:

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #63: Objectivist Parenting with Roslyn Ross 

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #62: Positive Thinking with Antony Sammeroff

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #61: Real AGI with Peter Voss – Artificial Intelligence Series Part 4

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #60: Spirituality with Antony Sammeroff

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #59: Trauma and Healing with Daniel Mackler

(Audio) Choice Conversations episode #58: The Voices in My Head with Jay Earley 

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