NVC Consciousness, Requests and our own “Neediness” – by Kind Communication and Darrell Becker

Hi everyone,
Me and Alex worked to craft this discussion on the topics of NVC consciousness (the basic form and function of compassionate communication, both internally and externally), requests (as opposed to the making and delivering of demands) and our own “neediness” (covering the subject of the inherent needs that are common to almost every individual). We also briefly touch upon the issue of “empathy exhaustion”, a common situation wherein the holding of empathy for someone becomes far more effort than feels comfortable or even possible. Alex and I cover many NVC nuances and use the metaphors we are familiar with to help the listener or viewer find practical tools and tactics to gain further skill in creating more effectiveness in communication.
Having had the benefit of some critical feedback on my part of the video, I agree that in the subject of the gender disparity having to do with “neediness” I was using a hasty generalization. I acknowledge that I was attempting to showcase an aspect of how certain stereotypically male characteristics (whether residing in men or women) can impede the ability of an individual to gain a clear vision of what is being desired or valued, thus causing the corresponding feelings the individual must contend with.
As always, please feel free to deliver shallow or lengthy criticism for our production, especially as it applies to NVC and tactical approaches to compassionate communication. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and Alex in our efforts to continue this aspect of The Great Conversation.
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