Tragedy and Hope Media Mail / This Week’s Publications 10.8.2012

Re-posted from the amazing Tragedy and Hope Community, my favorite source for alternative thought and information in the world. Please check it out, sign up, participate, and support today!

1. (Audio) The Meria Heller Show: “Tragedy & Hope” with Richard Grove

2. (Video) The Corbett Report episode #245: Slaying the Mythical Winged Unicorn Beast

3. (Video) Corbett Report Radio #232: Geoengineering for Financial Gain

4. (Video) Corbett Report Radio #231: More Lies in the Never-ending War on Terror

5. (Video) Corbett Report Radio #230: Take Back Your Power with Josh Del Sol

6. (Video) Corbett Report Radio #229: The GMO Agenda (and how to combat it) with Anthony Gucciardi

7. (Video) James Corbett and James Evan Pilato: New World Next Week: Bank Hacks, GPS Junk Food, Fake Debates

8. (Video) James Corbett for BoilingFrogsPost: Iran Is Already Under Attack

9. (Audio) James Corbett interviews Michel Chossudovsky on Weather Warfare

10. (Audio) James Corbett interviews Satish Sekar on the Cardiff Five

11. (Blog) Media Monarchy: Newspurge: September Clearinghouse

12. (Audio) Gnostic Media: Vinny Eastwood interviews Jan Irvin

13. (Audio) Gnostic Media: Will Durant – “The Story of Philosophy – Plato”