Fight, Flight & Freeze – by Kind Communication

Just like the other members of the animal kingdom, we too get triggered to a fight, flight or freeze reaction when we experience stress. And just like a squirrel that runs away from food in an outstretched hand, our fight, flight or freeze reaction can sometimes get overly triggered as well. And when we get triggered, our mind’s ability to empathize and communicate is literally weakened. So we use empathy, judgement free “I” statements, observations instead of evaluations, discuss feelings instead of thoughts, hold strategies loosely and needs tightly, and make requests rather than demands in order to avoid triggering the fight, flight, or freeze reaction in others or to calm down our own fight, flight or freeze reaction. The goal of NVC is to have honest and empathetic connection with another person, which is very difficult when our fight, flight & freeze reaction gets triggered. is a project by a close friend of Wiki World Order, Alex Leach. WWO fully supports the study, practice, and teaching of non-violent communication as one of the core solutions which already exists.