Tragedy and Hope Media Mail / This Week’s Publications 2.26.2012

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1. (Audio) Peace Revolution episode #50: How to End Slavery in the 21st Century (and Beyond)

Note: This episode includes a production summary of  “History… So It Doesn’t Repeat” (T&H’s new video project, presented during Rich’s monologue from 18 minutes to 41 minutes) 

2. (Audio) The Meria Heller Show: Meria discovers the Ultimate History Lesson and discusses with Rich… (also, you can click here to listen)

3. (Audio) The Corbett Report episode #219: Three Debates That Will Blow Your Mind

4. (Video) James Corbett & James Evan Pilato: New World Next Week: Virginia Nullifies NDAA, Iran Oil Bourse, Illuminati Pimping

5. (Video) James Corbett interviews Catherine Austin Fitts on GRTV: The Financial Coup (and How to Overcome It)

6. (Audio) Corbett Report Radio 073: The Fight Against Fluoridation with Dr. Paul Connett

7. (Audio) Corbett Report Radio 076: 1000 Words & Food World Order  

8. (Audio) Corbett Report Radio 077: Philosophical Explorations (& click here for the Corbett Report Radio Archive)

9. (Audio) James Corbett interviews Nick Wright on Suing the Toronto G20 Police

10. (Update) Media Monarchy: Time for Change: Thanks to the PRA

11. (Audio) Media Monarchy newspurge: Gimme the Finga

12. (Audio) School Sucks episode #125: How to Spot A NARC

13. (Audio) School Sucks episode #126: Logical Fallacies Series Preview – Two Minutes With Mitt Romney

14. (Audio) Unplugged Mom podcast: The Cry to Progressives to Stay in School: How Indie Education Thre…