Tragedy and Hope Media Mail / This Week’s Publications 12.24.2011

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Wishing everyone safe travels and happy, healthy holidays!  This week’s Media Mail is packed with interesting updates because we feel it’s important to proactively provide you with meaningful and constructive ways to invest your time during your holiday travels and activities.

“Letters to John” – For those of you who have received your copy of “The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto” and have read the insert pertaining to John’s stroke in August and his ongoing recovery; we are sending him his package next week and will be including  your “Letters to John”. This will be an ongoing process, so if you haven’t had time to screen the film, there’s no rush; however, the few letters we have received we feel will be fantastically inspirational for John and his family… and we think this should help to aid him in his recovery, and to keep the fire in his heart burning.  In essence, part of defining “recovery” in John’s own mind would be “productivity”; sharing with him heartfelt notes reflecting how productive he’s actually being right now (in each of our living rooms), will embolden his immune system and aid in expediting the healing process 🙂  You can send your “Letters to John” to and for more information on The Ultimate History Lesson, go to

1. Brain Model: A Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty (newly posted to the Gnostic Media server with new functionality; look inside Rich’s Brain)

2. (Audio) 9/11 Synchronicity episode 016: The Gift of ChristMass / Present-ed by Santa Claus (an oldie but goodie – before the Peace Revolution podcast, Rich produced the 9/11 Synchronicity podcast; which evolved into T&H and Peace Rev)

3. (Audio) Gnostic Media episode #132: Dr. Greg Burzynski interview “Curing Cancer”

4. (Video) James Corbett & James Evan Pilato: New World Next Week “Korean War, Manning Up, Funding Terror”

5. (Audio) Corbett Report Radio 038: Don’t Trust the Media (& click here to access the Corbett Report Radio archives)

6. (Audio) Corbett Report Radio 036: “Iron Man” & the OBL Cover Up with Dr. Jeffrey Kaye

7. (Video) James Corbett: The Manas Question: Drugs, Revolution, and Terrorism

8. (Video) James Corbett GRTV Feature Interview with Cynthia McKinney: Against AFRICOM

9. (Audio) Media Monarchy episode #244: “mystery is a source of leverage & power”

10. (Blog) Media Monarchy 12/22 newspurge: sometimes you have to work on christmas

11. (Audio) The Meria Heller Show: Chris Hellman interview- “the truth about why we went to Iraq, the cost & why we left”