WWO Music

If you like my tunes, please pass WWO some props on SoundCloud, http://soundcloud.com/wikiworldorder, and/or on Blip.fm: http://blip.fm/wikiworldorder. More little Wiki World Order tunes might keep trickling through…all Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License:

And You’ve Got To Let Freedom Ring

July 22, 2010. WWO mash-up of Alex Gopher & Demon’s The Shell ( http://s23.last.fm/preview/2514216/499/0007260637/13/746899790.mp3 ) and Squarepusher’s Iambic 5 Poetry ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUXWLGz2Eqw ). With some inspiring quotes laid on top

History Repeating By The Whips Of A Pimp

September 11, 2010. WWO mash-up of Crystal Method and Propellerheads featuring Miss Shirley Bassey. It features samples from Danny D on Democracy Now on June 23, 2010, and Alex Jones’ July video short, “THE ROAD, an Allegory of Life”.

Social Business Samba

October 1, 2010. WWO mix of Dubtribe Sound System’s “Samba Dub”. It features samples from Muhammad Yunus on 1/17/2008 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, and John Perkins on 2/22/2010 at the Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center in Walnut Creek, CA.

The Word Is Cybersecurity

Nov 20, 2010. WWO mix of Daft Punk’s Technologic, Paul Oakenfold’s The Word, and Deadmau5’s 8bit. It features samples from Bruce Schneier in a June 8th Intelligence Squared debate and Joseph Lieberman on CNN on June 20th 2010.

Trivium Propaganda

Dec 19, 2010. WWO mix of Hot Like Sauce, by Pretty Lights and Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd) sampling Richard Grove, Lisa Arbercheski, and Paul Verge in 2nd Peace Revolution Podcast 1/20/10 and Bernie Sanders interviewed in 2003 documentary, Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Clean Elections Fight Corporate Erections

July 30, 2011. WWO mix of Get A Move On, Mr. Scruff’s Fila Brazilia Mix, some bassy beats lifted from Deadmau5, with quotes by Dennis Kucinich, Bill Moyers, David House, and Anthony Weiner.

It’d Be A Lot Cooler If We March On

August 15, 2012. WWO mix with short samples from… Cypress Hill: Hits From The Bong; Basement Jaxx with Yoko Ono: Day of the Sunflowers; and Matthew McConaughey in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused.

Peace Revolution Tribute: Intraspecific Kleptoparasites

October 5, 2012. WWO mix with Peace Revolution Podcast theme and Episode 60 samples on intraspecific kleptoparasitic Rockefellers, rational decisions, and more! Please check out the entire Peace Revolution episode 060: The Invisible Empire of The New World Order / You Can Hear It, If You Listen.