About AltBib.Com

The alternative media’s bibliography. A running archive for the info war.

This site is a completely free research tool used to collect and organize as much important documentation as possible, largely mainstream sources referenced by alternative media and interesting films, like those from Prison Planet (aka Infowars, Alex Jones) and the Corbett Report (James Corbett) podcasts/audio documentaries. This database of relevant documents, mostly from mainstream sources, is a quick reference and for analysis more independent from others’ interpretations.

PLEASE collaborate by suggesting appropriate document links, adding Tags to listed documents, and rating them as “Interesting” or not (unless people suggest a better term). Suggestions should focus on official government/ military/ corporate/ commission/ council documents, interviews, primary source videos, mainstream media coverage/spin of questionable current events, and important technologies.

A majority of sources are used as references in articles on PrisonPlanet.tv and INFOWARS.com,
including ALL PrisonPlanet.com Featured Stories from May 1 to Aug 28, 2009 (and the root sources of most older Prison Planet articles cited/linked in those articles). So far, links have already been all been added to the AltBib.Com research database for all of the news articles accessible via internet (and just a few video clips), referenced in the films below. While watching these films, feel free to pause the film, and type part of a news headline into the Search field and you should find a direct link to the best version available online of the documentation.